From surviving to thriving – Here is all the wisdom, inspiration and motivation you need. (Interviews of people just like you that lost it all; blew their best moments; walked into the wall of life and recovered to “thrive” again producing the best successes and miracles in their lives)



Kathy Lewis is a Miracle Maker because she has failed, went bankrupt, lost everything and then came back to be amazingly successful.  Our  interview together will inspire you and give you the confidence to take the next best steps to go from Powerless to Powerful for YOU GOT THIS.   Kathy Lewis is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Manifesting Miracles.  You can also easily find her on Facebook as The Miracle Queen where she posts twice a day to support you and your ”miracle” attitude and action steps.  Her 21 Day program will CHANGE your life and your mindset about your life.  Kathy holds our hands and our hearts. Her interview is here just for you:

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Wonderful, informative and high value content from Natalie’s interview with Gayle Carson owner of the Spunky Old Broad radio network.  Worth your time to listen.  Share with your friends.

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From surviving to thriving – Click here for all the wisdom, inspiration and motivation you need…

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