Yes Natalie – I’d love to VIP with you and have you show me how to implement my Step-by-Step system to getting clear, getting confident and being effective in every area of my business and personal life! Send me more information please.

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Your VIP Consulting Day With Me Where I Show You How to Implement Your Step-by-Step System to Getting Clear, Getting Confident and Being Effective in EVERY Area of Your Business and Personal Life So You Have Total Control of Your Time and Make More Money Than Ever Before, Just Like I Do?

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Spend an entire day with me “ONE-ON-ONE” in my Tennessee Office.

I’ll consult with you personally on your specific business questions and issues, answer all your development questions, design the next steps for your business success so you can finally master all of your business challenges. Together we will get clear on your personal and business issues, develop a plan to assess and overcome any consistent business negatives, and lay out your customized Coaching Mastery business plan step-by-step. We’ll define your current talents and strengths and discover where you need to implement strategies for change.

We will also layout how you will accomplish these changes around communication, strategy, planning, accountability, confidence and influence building and overall effectiveness for yourself, your business, your team and organization. I will also show you how any of these systems, steps and developments can easily be put on auto pilot to increase your efficiency and use of your time.


Essentially, I do this all for you.

Together and in person, we’ll do in ONE day what you would do on your own in over 6 to 12 months or more…if you could find the time to do it on your own. We will design a dynamic and clear way for you to operate  your own have  roadmap and optimize your effectiveness based on who you are, how you operate and using your own unique talents and strengths. We will prioritize your current projects based on your objectives, resources and timelines. Best of all, you’ll get an objective opinion, my valuable critique  and everything you need to be clear, confident and effective…in fact, a whole lot more effective then you are right now.

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Natalie R. Manor, CEO


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