“I am OK” RX affirmation download is perfect for now to relieve our anxiety and fear.  50% of the proceeds will be shared with the brave Middle TN tornado victims. If you don’t have any money to donate, I’d love it if you would click the download button, because I want you to have it too.

The “I am OK” download works for you and your stress, with amazing affirmations to remove anxiety and self-doubt, beautiful customized music, gorgeous pictures and my 30+ years of coaching for success experience.

Let’s be realistic:

    • High functioning leaders get lost and scared too – no sleep, too much food, irritation at everything
    • Anxiety is not good for your body, mind or inviting in hope – can’t breathe, angry, body aches and headaches
    • Stress filled times require soothing stress-relieving support and options – judging everything, over the top reactions
    • No hope, no peace, no clear next steps – doubting your decisions, blaming, shutting down and hiding

Right now we need ourselves strong, peaceful, clear and ready to be where we are in this changing world.

I do not know one person that is “not stressed” with the world’s conditions right now and we really do have the opportunity to shift the pain, anxiety and loss of hope and positive actions…and help destroyed lives in the process…people who have lost everything.

There have been two deadly rounds of tornadoes in less than 40 days in Middle TN. When I first saw the pictures, I was numb. My question was “How do you recover from something that crazy bad?” And then it happened again.

These people live right down the road from me. You can feel guilty for not being affected or you can take action and support those that need our help now – financially and with positive, continuous moral support…help them begin again.

And how do you recover from the anxiety and self-doubt we are all experiencing now?

The “I am OK” download contains my client proven breathing methods and all the positive and supportive affirmations developed specifically for this time in our lives. Here are some samples:

  • I am OK
  • I am willing to let the good in
  • I am supported and cared for
  • I am doing exactly what I need to do for this moment
  • I am well, thriving and caring

“Natalie, I don’t feel any of those things, but I sure want to feel this way.”

Exactly. That is why affirmations work so well. They shift you from the negative to the positive so you can feel good, excited to take action, confident in your thinking and grateful for your circumstances, right here and right now.

There are a hundred things you can do with your dollars right now and I appreciate your generosity.

Thank you for taking care of you and donating to the Middle TN people who have lost everything.

Listen to your affirmations every day, morning, lunchtime, break time, bedtime… You deserve to be anxiety free and feel totally supported.

So many thank you,

P.S. Be Safe. Be Well. Find Peace.




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*no one turned away
due to funds

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