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Effective Listening for Leaders is a fundamental core competency of excellence in leadership. Learn why listening well is key for a leader to be a more effective, powerful and believable communicator. Review and learn the core components of listening and how effective listening contributes to high impact leadership and creates sustainable results in productive organizations.

Delivering Difficult Information Successfully in a timely way, with clarity and contributing to the outcome of a situation is one skill that you, as a leader, will need again and again. Your people are looking to improve their performance and sometimes you need to deliver information that may not be easy to share.

Leadership Presentation Skills and Public Speaking: THE BASICS supports you to becoming a highly influential and engaging speaker which are the core skills needed by all excellent leaders. Whether you are asked to use your presentation skills in the boardroom or at a staff meeting, presenting clear, insightful, powerful and timely content is a skill that you, as a leader, will use again and again.

Leadership Presentation Skills and Public Speaking: ADVANCED provides you with a powerful, well defined checklist which supports you in developing your own unique methods and key components for presenting in any situation. Count on this content to provide you with a polish and fluidity in each of your speaking and presenting opportunities.

Success without Stress incorporates many methods for staying well and the practice of stress free behaviors. As highly influential and engaging leaders, a long term leadership plan for achieving goals and leaving a powerful legacy is essential. This impactful content will assist you and those you lead in developing life skills that promote wellness and the elimination of stressors in both your personal and professional life.

The Leader is a Coach incorporates the key components of coaching that should always be part of your long-term leadership plan for achieving your goals and leaving a powerful legacy. Being able to easily and consistently coach your people creates a rapport and clarity around what is most important to you, your staff, your peers, and your organization.

Retention Strategies: Keeping your Best People will help you answer your most pressing problems around staffing, training and retaining the best people for your organization. We examine the methods needed to determine who are your best people and what “really” do you need to do to retain them easily and successfully.

Team building: The 6 Steps to Successfully Creating, Communicating and Collaborating is a thumbnail sketch of the key strategies necessary to developing a plan for team building and executing that plan. Teams that are led well operate best in a well structured, well defined outcomes based environment.

The 7 Steps to Build and Own Your Personal Power and Influence begins with a clear understanding that the leader in you has the potential and the power to be highly effective in all aspects of your personal and professional life. These seven simple yet profound steps will inspire you to take the time and a deeper look at what is really possible in your life.

Communication: The #1 Fundamental Leadership Skill for the 21st Century teaches you to express yourself so that you can be heard and listened to. Leaders communicate with their people and organizations to maximize their people’s potential and increase their productivity. No matter what business you are in or what position you hold, learning these key communication skills is essential to your success and producing sustainable results for your organization.

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More speaking topics where Natalie Manor can lend her expertise:

Strategies for Success: What really are the strategies for success and how do you retain them once you find out what they are? Organizations, individuals, groups, teams, executive staffs benefit from the intense, timely and relevant top seven strategies. From profitability to interpersonal communication skill building, you won’t want to miss these seven powerful, effective and proven methods for building management training and leadership training for your organization and/or group.

Motivation and Behavior: Making it Great Even When No One is Looking: This session will help you unlock the doors of passion, quality, results and fulfillment. You will learn to go past the short-term effects of motivation into the high performance area of creating the core principles of greatness for yourself and others. Highly energized, fun and effective.


Money Got to Have It! Want to Have It: Learn how to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Money is a time bomb of emotional baggage for all of us. What is enough money? What do I deserve? How do I get more of it? Participants will learn what their emotional blocks are to income, budgeting, spending, saving and making more money as they need it and want it. An unforgettable favorite seminar and workshop.

Interpersonal Skills: Why We Drive Each Other Crazy Sometimes: Research in Fortune Magazine, Inc., Self, Business Week all indicate our social and interpersonal skills are in jeopardy because of our fast-paced high-velocity personal and professional environment. Learn how to like yourself and others; feel good about your work; invite your mother-in-law to dinner and enjoy it; deal with your @%^$*& boss, co-worker, and the accounting department with ease. It’s pretty tough to stay motivated when everyone out there is driving you crazy. Find out how to eliminate your attitudinal and negative stressors.

Coaching Works – Powerful Tips Techniques and Strategies to Use Now!: Fun, useful and measurable techniques for self coaching and coaching others. Find out how to have more time in your day, not take on others peoples complaints and work and to use great communication strategies to keep the dynamics of the organization flowing.

Marketing Yourself – Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah: If your marketing efforts sound like a lot of empty noise, it’s time to consider reinventing you, your business and/or your organization. You will leave this high value workshop with IMMEDIATELY usable skills, tips and techniques such as: using publicity and media; client niche; defining your market; generating sales; direct mail winners; marketing materials generation (and much more!). You’ll love the great usable ideas generated from this highly interactive workshop. Don’t miss this one!

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