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Want to be inspired? Relieve your stressors? How about feeling supported? Motivated, comfortable in your skin, eliminate stress, learn how to jump start successful changes?? 

You are in the right place with the “perfectly” right people who have learned – sometimes the painful and hard way – to eliminate Messy Stress from their lives and to attract wealth; increase health and have fun while living the life they most deserve.
These interviews are with successful people just like us…who have learned the SECRETS of living well, eliminating stressors and creating massive success.  Enjoy.  I loved doing these interviews.  Be sure to leave your comments.  We love hearing about how these interviews, with their tips, techniques and strategies, have shifted and changed your lives, faster than you ever thought possible.

 Listen To The Interviews Here:

vickimarquezVisit Vicki’s Website


Vicki Marquez

Vicki Marquez  is not only a terrific resource, but is out to shift the world of eating and health. is the one space for you to visit to begin your kids and yourself into a life of healthy eating and a super well life.  Vicki is a certified health coach, a plant-based chef and an author who moved from an overweight unhealthy lifestyle into an example of health, wealth, love and stress free advocacy and “living” her life well.  Her top tips in our interview, for making your stress-less and healthy life work, are easy and work immediately.  She has offered to take your “getting started questions” so you don’t have to start getting healthy alone.

Listen to the interview with Vicki here.


katewinchVisit Kate’s Website  

Kate Winch

Kate Winch is an EFT (tapping) expert that can not only help you realign your life, but she is a lovely coach who can help you remove the stressors from your life.  Our interview was delightful and totally valuable.  Kate says that “your mind is a dangerous neighborhood, don’t go there alone”.  She supports her clients through the elimination of those most offending limiting beliefs around:  money; relationships; work; success and so much more.  (see the EFT Tapping diagram for the interview and follow the tapping points during our interview).  Kate’s tips for successful living will support you now and for the rest of your life because they work.  Enjoy our interview. Download the EFT energy points diagram. 

Listen to the interview with Kate here.


Chellie CampbellVisit Chellie’s Website  

Chellie Campbell is filled with what life is all about:  possibility. 

Chellie is funny, smart and a MONEY expert.  She shares with us during this interview, the ups, downs and success tips that make money come alive in our lives.  From the dreaded budget; stats that tell us that we can do what we want and need for our lives; the facts about money and then the real life tips to attracting and earning the money we want and need…financial stress free living with hope and “proudness” for all.  Chellie also offers her seminars on Financial Stress Reduction through her website:  Chellie’s favorite money affirmation is:  “People Love To Give Me Money!”.  Don’t forget to look at her books “The Wealthy Spirit” and “Zero to Zillionaire”.  Her upcoming “From Worry to Wealthy” comes out February, 2015.

Listen to the interview with Chellie here.


Jessica CaverVisit Jessica’s Website  

Jessica Caver

Wow, everyone needs to listen to this so positive and inspiring interview on how to easily, immediately and joyfully move from a mindset that does not serve you to creating wealth every day.  Jessica worked hard all her life and then discovered the more she loved what she was doing and the more she DEFINED what she wanted, the easier her life became.  She offers a step by step look at what creates results…with joy!!.

Listen to the interview with Jessica here.


Cindy ProsorVisit Cindy’s Website  

Cindy Prosor as the “Intuitive Heart Mentor”

The most marvelous of people who spent 3 years in hopeless depression…she not only learned the lessons of life, but brought joy, love and curious possibility to her life and her very very fortunate clients. Cindy runs both virtual and in-person programs and retreats between her lakeside cottage in Northern California and her seaside home on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand. She developed and designed the dramatically influential program “Calm The Chaos Within” which brings you back to the joy filled and peaceful life you desire. In fact, she offers a huge discount just for the Messy Stress listeners. Listen, learn and transform with this loving human.

Listen to the interview with Cindy here.


cynthia stottVisit Cynthia’s Website  

Cynthia Stott “Releasing Deep Grief And Welcoming In Joy”

Her body failed her, she found her husband dead in her bed and she lost the job she loved…Cynthia is now a leader in the world for “regaining joy and producing gratitude in every breath”.  She has 3 incredible stress tips to shift your life and that you can immediately incorporate into your busy schedule.  Her life changing program The Generosity Code can be found on her website,

Listen to the interview with Cynthia here.


Vicky WhiteVisit Vicky’s Website  

Vicky White “Creating Miracles And Attracting A New Powerful Debt Free Abundant Life”

After putting up with bone crunching pain for years and allowing debilitating pain to create debt in her life, Vicky finally asked for help and received more love, more money, more community and more connectedness that she had ever experienced in her life.  From separation to connectedness and love.  Listen and feel her journey – a intimate insight into one of our 21st century female leaders and healers.  Her top 3 stress reducing and life changing tips will change how you operate in your daily life – tips that you can incorporate right now.

Listen to the interview with Vicky here.



susan martinVisit Susan’s Website


Susan Martin “Tipping Point to Living Point – Intentionally Creating Success and Living Well”

Susan operated and owned a manufacturing firm that dealt with the garment industry.  No sleep, constant worry, undermining of values, relationships nonexistent and little hope of making any significant money without stuffing her values.  And what does she do?  She listens to herself and a dear friend and finds CREATES a space to think about what she wanted to really be.  Susan has not only eliminated stress from her life, but has designed a clear and compelling way for business owners to create success for themselves, clients and lives.  You will not want to miss her interview and her terrific life changing tips for a stress free life now! 

Listen to the interview with Susan Martin here.




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