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Natalie gave an amazing and engaging presentation at our GCPA emPowering Women conference. Her insights and coaching were new, relevant, and actionable. Her workshop had illustrative examples that kept the audience captivated. Our takeaways from the workshop were topics of conversation long after we had returned to daily life. She is a joy to be around and she brings that energy and enthusiasm to her workshops and coaching.

Jennifer Schmitt

Senior Pricing Analyst, Direct Energy Residential

Let me share with you my feedback from your presentation:

  • Enjoyed a standalone workshop by Natalie which focused on Confident Communications: Delivering Difficult Information Successfully. This was the highlight for me of the November 2016 conference that I attended in Austin.
  • Natalie connected to each and every audience member with her caring, honest and engaging style which resulted in me quickly trusting her words and actions during the workshop. I valued her information because it is backed by years of experience managing her own pitfalls, challenges and relationships plus past coaching outcomes.
  • Understood that I need to get rid of unproductive habits that do not support my needs and goals (unlearning) as well as identifying what I need to learn going forward.
  • Left the workshop empowered and focused on what actions I need to employ (better listening skills, set expectations and define desired outcomes prior to face to face meetings, etc.). Having new tools in my toolbox is a great feeling!
  • Experienced an Ah-ha moment during the workshop when I realized that Natalie’s presentation would benefit my colleagues within NRG (Women in Power initiative) so I contacted her about a future speaking opportunity.
  • Appreciated and learned from the brave women who were willing to be coached by Natalie in front of an audience.
Carolann Smith, SHEP

Director-Training Plant Operations, NRG

“Your workshop, Confident Communication – Delivering Difficult Information Successfully, was my favorite part of the conference.  It is amazing to me how the 5 minutes you spent with my colleague Trish,  live coaching in front of the entire audience, really changed her view on how she handles challenges at work. 

Furthermore, the demonstration you did where you showed how powerful a student was before and after criticism really resonated with me.  Most of us can resist downward pressure applied to raised arms under normal circumstances.  What I learned was that even the strongest of people are impacted by criticism and could not resist the downward pressure and their arms went down.  I showed the ladies at my office the demonstration by falsely criticizing one of the ladies and she folded easily even though the things I was saying to her were not true.  I am really going to work on my self-affirmation and avoid talking negatively about myself after that example.”

Leticha "Tich" Aguirre

Manager, CPSEnergy



Bio Natalie R. Manor, President

Natalie R. Manor, founder and President of NMA, Natalie Manor & Associates, is a recognized leader in leadership and business development having served a global client base since 1986. Manor applies her expertise and creativity in consistently innovating key leadership, communication and performance management best practices to produce clear, effective, stress free and confident leaders faster than ever thought possible. She has risen to industry prominence and is a regular keynote speaker for companies and organizations determined to increase their leadership talents to maximize their potential, profits and increase their productivity.

“Helping potential high achievers create self-awareness, recognize their edges, and increase their personal effectiveness is at the heart of Manor’s leadership development – she is a great speaker, teacher and coach.”

Clients from across the globe benefit from Natalie R. Manor’s expertise and training in the areas of executive development, coaching, customized training, facilitation, speaking, workshops and seminars.   Some examples of Manor’s work: 

  • Confident communication – delivering difficult information successfully
  • Coaching for success, accountability, stress reduction and consensus building
  • Business development integration with behavior, communication, leadership and relationship success
  • Team building in multiple industries and locations, creating stress free models for individuals and teams
  • New venture creation, branding and marketing
  • New team formation and silo reduction in mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations with distance locations
  • Communication with clarity within and throughout multiple locations
  • Global behavior development and recognition through communication and cultural best practices
  • Peak performers creating high value relationships, personal wellness and valued stress-less success 

Manor was educated in Psychology and Education from Ohio University and has advanced training from Georgetown University, James Madison University, University of Lowell and the University of New Hampshire.  She is certified by the American Society for Training and Development. She holds the distinction as a certified executive coach.

A prolific writer and speaker, Manor is the co-author of 6 books “Give Stress a Rest”, “Wholehearted Success”, “Magnetic Leadership”, “Communicate Clearly, Confidently, and Credibly” and her highly popular leadership missive on “Roadmap to Success”  Her most recent book is the first in the CONFIDENCE Series – “Confident Business Communication Etiquette” written in the Kindle format. 

Manor has appeared on television (Fox, BBC All Night), radio (100’s), and has been published in USA Today, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Self, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health and Runners World magazines to name only a few. Manor was featured on the cover of Women in Business & Industry Magazine and dedicates her time to continuous publishing of articles on creating success.   

 Manor is a Master Gardener associated with the University of TN and volunteers her time to the community in that capacity.  Natalie Manor & Associates have their corporate offices in Tennessee (Nashville area).

Contact information is 603-493-1435,, or

WGEM-FM learned very quickly that Natalie was the best Life Coach for their listening audience of 100,000+ drive time people.  Each month, Natalie would provide them with timely tips, techniques and strategies to make their professional and personal lives work better, faster than they ever thought possible. 

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