“What If I Told You That In Just 6 Short Months You Could Systematically Achieve & Produce More Than You Could In Years Of Working On Your Own?”


“Mastery For Life” Coaching™

Your step-by-step (and one-on-one) System to Creating Clarity, Confidence and Effectiveness In Your Business and Professional Life

You know, most of our highly successful coaching and mentoring clients came to us because they had a nagging feeling that their business could be better, more successful, easier, faster and more productive, but were just not sure how to get there easily and quickly. In fact, faster than they ever thought possible.

Deciding to find out about coaching is a brilliant move on your part. Just asking questions about what is possible puts you into the stride of moving into your next phase of business success. You can systematically shift into your new fast track of change, learning and producing all of the results you want and need.

And do we have the system for you!

Questions to consider:

  • Exactly how would you operate in your life if you knew that you were as timely, talented, smart and effective as the person you admire most in your life?
  • What if you could be out there creating magic and high impact results all the while feeling good and confident?
  • What if?

No more what ifs! We have provided the system and support for hundreds of peak performers to create and then to produce highly successful results and confident effectiveness.

Our Mastery For Life Coaching System is really very simple. All it takes is your commitment to you and your goals to put it into operation. You can move quickly to reach your goals as you are completely supported by not only an experienced executive business coach, but a real life person who “gets” your issues.

Here is how we will work with you…a simple definition of the system we have used and continue to use in order to assess your unique wants and needs and then apply our highly successful step-by-step system to achieve them.

Step #1: Discover Your Talents and Strengths = Assessment

In this step we discover your talents and strengths with an assessment and intake form. We then debrief both of these for your understanding. These arre highly impactful step that really allows you to view your potential maybe for the first tine in your life.

Step #2: Design and Develop Your WIMI

In this step we design and develop the outcomes you will be working on with your coach during your six month coaching engagement. We do this using our WIMI strategy, i.e., discussing What Is Most Important to you to accomplish in the next 6 months and for the long term. Maybe for the first time in your life you will be designing and developing your life based on what your talents and strengths are… and what you imagine to be your best life!

Step #3: Strategize the Priority and Measurement of Your Outcomes and Goals = Accountability

In this step we discuss how to best tackle your outcomes and goals based on what you want to accomplish and your time frame for completing your outcomes and goals. In this step we also develop the basis for which we measure your progress in achieving your desired outcomes. You also become the master of accountability in this step. You will do what you say, you will do it on time and with excellence.

Step #4: Focus and Course Correct

This is where the real work begins! Through your coaching calls, real life examples, weekly homework and email journals, we focus on your outcomes and goals and accomplishing them systematically. This is also where we use the basis of measurement developed together in step #3 to course correct your outcomes and goals to ensure that you are being held accountable for what you say you are going to do and what you want to accomplish, i.e. what is most important to you… You will also learn the communication model to shift you to absolute clarity in all of your communication.

Step #5: Review, Discuss and Refine

In this step we take time to refine, review and plan. This is done on a monthly basis with your coach. We take time to review, discuss and refine your coaching outcomes. This is really a place to brainstorm and ask the question “what if…?” This allows you the space to really discover what’s most important to you based on where you are in the coaching process. You will be amazed at how truly smart you are.

Step #6: Make it Real for You

In this step we take a look at our last 6 months together. It is an evaluation of where you were when you began and how clear, confident and effective you are today. This is a discussion of how we can continue to be a resource to you beyond your 6 months of coaching. Is there another outcome that has become what is more important to you? In this step we help you make “it” real for you and give you the keys to continue your learning, new habits and behaviors. This is all about being accountable to yourself and the life you have created.

Privileges for “Mastery of Life” Coaching System Participants

Leadership & Communication Assessment – Coaching Mastery participants will participate in NMA’s Leadership and Communication Assessment to assess your unique talents and strengths. This assessment forms the basis for developing your coaching outcomes and goals that Natalie will focus on with you for the duration of your coaching engagement.

Weekly One-Hour Calls with Natalie – Coaching Mastery participants enjoy regularly scheduled progress calls, where Natalie will review their advancement one-on-one, answer questions, and ensure you are on track and progressing toward your goals. 

Access 24/7 via text, email and telephone

One VIP meeting at a location of choice – Coaching Mastery participants can schedule this in person VIP meeting as needed within the first 2 months of coaching (travel expenses are not included).

Bonus #1: 25% discounted Day Rate for additional in-person one-on-one consultation time with Natalie. (Travel expenses are extra)

Bonus #2: 24/7 access via text, email and telephone.

Bonus #3: Private roster of timely topics and private research.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Then fill out the contact form below and I will send you more information on how the Mastery For Life” Coaching Systemcan help you create and achieve Clarity, Confidence, Accountability, and Effectiveness in All Areas of Your Life!

NMA will get you where you need and want to go by helping you Get Clear, Get Confident and Be Effective…Guaranteed!

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