Listening Quiz Results

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Here’s some feedback on your listening results:

Score 90-100: Your listening skills are very good – congratulations. You are in a very select group of people! In fact, you might want to consider teaching listening skills, you are that good!

Score 80-89: You are a pretty good listener. but could use some attention to the details you might be missing. People probably tel you that you are a good listener. Listening well creates trust and respect. Good job!

Score 65-79: You honestly need to take a good long look at your listening skills. You are probably missing a good deal of detail and context at work and with your personal relationships. Individual coaching might be a good option to work on your skills. I think you will find that you improve your listening skills almost immediately with a bit more attention to what is needed to develop good listening and communications skills. Would you like to know you you might improve your listening and communication skills? Contact 

Score 50-64: You are missing too much while listening. The way you are listening is not effective. the way you are listening is probably irritating most of the people you are dealing with. It is hard to deal with people who are obviously not listening. Would you like to know how you might improve your listening and communication skills?

Score 0-49: Anything below 49 is not good. You need to understand that people are tolerating your poor listening skills. You need to work on them immediately as it is affecting your work, relationships and your personal growth. It is very hard to trust people who do not listen well. Listening well is a key leadership characteristic. Let’s talk more about how you can improve your skills.

So now you have a good idea of how well you are listening (or not). We have worked with thousands of people over the years to help them improve their listening skills and to improve their overall communication excellence.

If you are less than pleased with your listening test results; if you have a team that could use some improvement and help with their listening; if your organization is due for some communications skills improvement, we would like to support you to get to a successful outcome.

Here are some options for you to consider: 

  • Individual coaching for you or your team mates…. More info.
  • Downloadable MP3s to be listened to and learned at your own pace…. More info.
  • The SnapShot assessment will allow you to really see who you are and how you are operating for peak performance… More info
  • An eBook format for improving your listening…. More info
  • A 4-week online teleconference customized for your team on listening and communication skills… More info

We can help.

Count on us to be a key resource helping you produce excellence in your communication, listening skills and overall peak results.

To Your Success,

Natalie R. Manor, President

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