Up Leveling Your Public Persona

Every time you open your mouth it is public speaking. Remember that when you begin to prepare for any sort of “talk”.   Your public persona, or brand as we are calling it these days, is directly connected to how you communicate.  A good measure of my coaching time is...

“You Said What?”

We reveal ourselves every time we open our mouths to speak.    It can be an accent that tells people “we are not from here”; lack of technical knowledge; rigid tone; different language or brilliant rhetoric that impresses and provides good information. When I arrived...

You Want Me To What?

You have just been asked by your boss to prepare a 30 minute presentation for the next Board Of Directors (BOD) meeting which will take place in two weeks.Your boss gives you 3-4 items he/she would like included in the presentation and has asked that you submit a...

Ultimate Halloween Stress – Candy and Costumes & Tips Too!

Well Halloween is just 25 days from now and how in the heck did that happen? You have been off doing your thing: – Getting clients – Building relationships – Finishing the performance reviews of all those terrific employees – Learning new skills and applying them – Developing a new process for the projects coming up in 2016 – Creating clarity in your communication and outcomes. 25 days people. Halloween. Seriously. Not kidding. Candy, kids and costumes.

Confident Leadership Tips Just For You

Tips, techniques and strategies are so important to learning and honing our skills, especially to increase our confidence while leading and managing and REDUCING our stress at the exact same time. With that in mind, I was to share a terrific article from Entrepreneur Magazine that discusses the top ten (10) tips for upping your leadership game – I want to also add the icing on the cake where you can also increase your confidence and reduce stress equally and immediately.

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