Give Stress a Rest Book

Give Stress a Rest Book

Give Stress a Rest BookTHE anthology on dramatically reducing stress that you have been waiting for!

Stress comes in so many forms: Technology, time, health, relationships, money, work and the world. It causes stress for us in so many different ways.

Give Stress a Rest” gathered together for you the best stress experts that will answer all of your most important questions and help solve your most frequent stress concerns. From medical doctor Dr. Jane Sullivan Durand to Natalie Manor, CEO of NMA. The experts share their insights and secrets for dramatically reducing stress so you can enjoy better health, confidence and relationships

 The Anthology Topics cover the following:
  • From Stress to Success – Transforming Limited Behaviors Into Healthy Habits
  • Creating a Vision of Good Health
  • A “Wynning” Approach to Finances – Short-term Savvy Leads to Building a Long-term Legacy
  • Balance or Burnout? 400 Quick and Easy Tools and Tips for Live Balance
  • It’s Your Time to Be Well – Stress Management and Preventative Medicine
  • Getting Into Stress Shape
  • Keeping Stress from Becoming Distress
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
  • and more…
Some Facts For You!

“Because the medical toll of stress and distress is so broad, relaxation techniques used to reduce stress – which directly counter the physiological arousal of stress – are being used clinically to ease the symptoms of a broad range of chronic illnesses” By Dr. Karen Wolfe, co-author of “Give Stress a Rest.”

Dr. Wolfe points to the following illnesses that stress reduction is helping to ease:
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Chronic pain

Dr. Wolfe has a wonderful free Stress Symptoms Test in the book for you – take it and find out where you need the most help in reducing your stress symptoms.

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you know, you know?” Natalie R. Manor ways that the incredible stressor of not quite knowing what is causing your stress, not enough time, added to the problem of embedded habits, behaviors and technology, creates the perfect scenario for life and executive coaching.

People know when they feel something can be better and are not succeeding the way they want to…the best of the best seek help in creating a life filled with what is most important to them. Coaching helps you find your issues so you can shift your mindset and behavior to have the life that you want in ALL ways.

The book “Give Stress A Rest” not only provides you with some great tips and techniques for reducing stress, it is the type of book that you keep close for the years to come. A reference and an old friend that is there when life takes over and stress marches back in.

At this price you can buy a book for your colleagues, friends, peers and family members who would and will appreciate you getting this terrific book for them!

The topics are terrific. The price is right. Everyone has stress. So what are you waiting for…order today. You will be so glad you did and I will autograph each book for you!

Give Stress a Rest Book$9.97

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