“What If I Told You That In Just 30 Days You Could Achieve These Success Creating – Profit Producing Results?”

30 Accountability Program

greencheckmark Communicate excellence all the time
greencheckmark Clarity around delegation – what do you really need to be doing?
greencheckmark A system for effectively managing your email
greencheckmark More “free” time to spend doing what you love
greencheckmark A foolproof plan for achieving all of your goals and objectives easily
greencheckmark Be on time…for everything!
greencheckmark Confidence and serenity in your personal and professional life
greencheckmark Identify and implement new habits that keep you accountable, effective and ultimately successful in all areas of your life

30 days. That all it takes to wipe out the habits and attitudes you have right now that keep you from being effective and successful. Impossible you say? Well not with our 30 Day Accountability Program.”

That’s right. 30 days. Every day for 30 days you and your coach work on what is most important to help you get clear, get confident, and be effective in all areas of your business.

To get you started, we will assess what is most important to you and put together the agenda for your next 30 Days of Accountability.

Don’t take our word for it…

denniswillertThe 30 Day Accountability Program gave me the support and the ‘push’ I needed to break out of my old habits and behaviors that weren’t serving me or my business. With Natalie’s coaching and mentoring, I was able to identify and solve the issues that were keeping me from being effective and profitable. Since the completion of my 30 Day Accountability my business has grown 20%, I have more free time to enjoy my life outside of my work and I am no longer plagued by those old habits and behaviors that kept me from being effective. I know that the success of my practice would never have happened as quickly or seamlessly without the intensity of the 30 Day Accountability Program

–Dr. Dennis Willert, Chiropractor


How does this time feel for you?  Powerful?  Shift into a bigger place with bigger rewards and greater results than ever before. Become a peak player and a confident leader.  Know what it takes to lead your team and your organization and turn them into , well oiled, results producing machine.

We developed the 30 Day Accountability Program with you in mind based on our client’s frequently asked questions and issues.  When then did a deep analysis of how we coached them  and what it took to PROGRESS beyond these issues in their personal and professional lives.  The result of this work is the 30 Day Accountability Program.

Yup, everyday for 30 days you will have us mentoring, coaxing, supporting and pulling you into your successes. Intense? Of course. Achievable? Absolutely. So are you going to do this
for yourself?

We are only taking on a very few of you…don’t miss this one with us.

You cannot fail if you use the proven steps of accountability to develop your goals, dreams, visions, sales process, team building, and business creation. Guaranteed!!

The “30 Day Accountability Program” is by application only.

We will get you where you need and want to go by helping you Get Clear, Get Confident and Be Effective…Guaranteed!

To Your Success,

 Natalie Manor Signature



Natalie R. Manor, CEO

P.S. Imagine what you will be like on day 31!!! ….
Let’s get started today!


Yes Natalie – I’d love to have you coach me for 30 days on what is most important to help me get clear, get confident and be effective in all areas of my business! Send me an application.

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