How do you follow up on information?: 

  • Follow up immediately showing speed instead of content
  • Follow up maybe – I don’t like this person, maybe I will get back to them
  • Follow up tomorrow, I think – no one ever knows when they will hear from you
  • Follow up with MORE information than they will ever need or want – and copy everyone with the information
  • Follow up without the correct information, again, just to fill the space until you do it right
  • Follow up never, ever – why should you…they will get back to you again if they really want it 

If you are following up using any of the above ways, you are annoying lots of people.

Accountability and following up with people builds trust, respect and a reputation for high performance. 
How many people are not getting back to you with the information you need and the time frame that is expected??  And how does that feel?
I am not sure where the “rules’’ changed on getting back to people or being on time with information/projects, but it is damn annoying to you and them.

What do you need to do in order to switch off these bad habits or yours and theirs: 

  • Stop instant texting with “stuff” instead of what is requested
  • Confirm the day, time and information needed and then put the deadline in your device
  • Set an alarm for your deadlines to remind you of the information needed
  • Plan complicated research and content with enough time to complete and follow up
  • Ask people if the information they are requesting is all they need
  • Help your colleagues, co-workers, bosses, peers and subordinates follow up in a timely way
  • Be the go-to that people KNOW will be on time and accurate 

My clients know that if they cannot provide the information needed in the time it has been requested, then they say something.  If you do not push back on deadlines that will not work for you, people will never know.
Protect your reputation and communicate your needs too.
Follow up in a timely way.  Communicate graciously.  Provide information that is well researched and content rich.
It just feels good to be accountable and communicate well and your confidence is palpable. 

If your habits are poor, then get help.  A great coach can walk you through your habits and help show you how to improve, faster than you ever thought possible.
Contact me!!!

To Your Success,

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