Yes, it is hot enough for me and my life.  The humidity in the Nashville TN area is 100% and the heat index is 103. 
Sustained outside activities need your attention and awareness.   
The top suggestion for staying healthy in this heat and our activities is to stay hydrated
Here are the liquids that do not qualify as helping you stay hydrated: 

  • Sweet tea with lots of ice – way too much sugar
  • Any cold non-diet or diet sodas are not hydrating helpers – too much sugar and caffeine
  • Afternoon sweet drinks loaded with dairy are not for hydrating
  • Beer has lots of water, but also alcohol – not a help especially if you are a driver 

WATER is your best hydrating helper. 

You can freeze individual bottles in your freezer and take with you.  I would prefer and so would the landfills, that you carry your water in reusable containers – most can be put in the freezer and you can take them along with you.
My puppy is a chubby 12.5 year old miniature doxie.  She is a good indicator to me when it is too hot to be outside.  She pants, drinks 3 times as much water and seeks the shade as soon as going outside.  Smart puppy too. 

If you are going to spend time outside in this amazing heat and humidity, here are some suggestions: 

  • A wide brimmed hat
  • Bandana for your forehead and sweat
  • Wet cloth to use on your neck
  • Lots of water – does not have to be cold, just have it with you
  • An old fashioned hand fan – it is amazing the amount of air they can push to your very hot face and neck
  • A nice big old shade tree or porch – get out of the sun periodically
  • Park your car with the windows slightly open so it does not heat up like an oven
  • Lemon in your water – helps your electrolytes stay even 

You cannot change the weather, but you can certainly win at working with the weather.

BTW, take an umbrella with you.  These hot and humid days invite lots of intense rainstorms. 
Be safe.  Have fun.  H Y D R A T E.

To Your Success,

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