There is such brilliance in the world of “writing books”.  All of us have had the experience of finding that one book that shifted everything for us. 
I have had many that have done that for me.  Business books; delightful fiction; children’s books for my kids and grandkids. 
Books are on each shelf in my home so they can be snatched up easily for a quick read of a paragraph or re-read of the whole book. 
One of the best business books on my shelves and recommended to each of my clients, is Marshall Goldsmith’s “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”. 
It has become a classic for leadership, communication and behavioral performance at every level of an organization and any size organization.  In his New York Times bestselling book, Marshall shares the top 22 behaviors that we need to understand and review that may have made us successful to this point, but could be a real liability as we grow in our careers.
Because of his wisdom, I quote him.  I quote the book.  His guidance is spot on.  His success with top executives and leaders is phenomenal.  Each of his clients and organizations have greatly benefited from the coaching he has brought to individuals, teams and entire organizations.
Well, TA DA, he and Sally Helgesen have co-authored a new book called:  “How Women Rise”.  Published this spring in April 2018.  It is now included, top of the page, in our recommended “BEST READS”.
The business world has been dominated by men and beautifully led by men.  Now we have the quintessential new roadmap for women (based on their behaviors) who want the next steps in their career, and behavior, to create success.
Sally and Marshall’s new book covers the top 12 behaviors that are limiting the success for women.
I won’t ruin the read for you, but I will tell you, you will be shocked at the reality and you will also be nodding your head “yes, yes, yes” when you read the 12 behaviors.
Their book is filled with real case studies and stories of how these behaviors have limited and then immediately shifted the successes of hundreds of women. 
Watch out, the book is going to be relevant to thousands of women and it will be on the shelves for a quick read or a deep dive into remarkable success.
I am delighted to recommend “How Women Rise” to you.  You all know someone who needs and can benefit from this kind of insider’s knowledge. 
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have.  When I first read Sally’s and Marshall’s book, I felt like I got to spend a long weekend with two smart, dynamic and caring international and powerful leaders who are moving the line in the sand for excellence in women’s leadership.
To Your Success,

P.S.  Here is the link to “How Women Rise”. Here is the full list of “BEST READS” for your enjoyment and learning.
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