When you deal with the growing of anything, you need people who can help the growth.  But they need to know what they are growing and what that means to you, the organization and the success of the work. 
They need to know what the process is; how to communicate; how to handle issues; how to deal with the people involved. 
Your managers who are getting ready to lead, need you and your attention to the details that you want them to learn.  People love to learn.  They love to please the person training them.  They totally get buzzed by creating success. 
Human behavior is predictable.  Bring the positive and you get positive.  Bring the negative and you will get the negative. 
No one is immune to the negative.  It accumulates and builds until it can be hard to get through.
Start positive.  Teach what you know.  Prepare the outcomes you are looking to create.  Think through what would be most important to you and the project/organization and put together a document to follow.  You might want to call it an agenda for success. 
Allow me to introduce my newest Virtual Assistant.  She is my grand girl, LEH, and now the proud owner of 2 teeth, sitting up and so ready to crawl.  She is at her desk (ok, highchair) ready to begin her work day as my newest VA.  
Her agenda for success is the following: 

  • Unending clapping for doing things well
  • Big kisses, deep eye contact, words of love
  • Hugs – no less than 100 per day
  • Bedtime books in the rocking chair
  • Homemade organic foods
  • Funny noises
  • Peak a boo – ALL DAY LONG
  • Putting everything in her mouth – 5 second rule sometimes
  • Deep sweet sighs while watching her grow
  • Making sure she begins to get on a really good sleeping schedule 

So if you translated her agenda for success to a grown up person needing training, attention to performance and follow up on how they are doing, I think you will see the relationship very easily.
From the moment she was born to this moment, she has learned more and grown more than you can imagine possible. 
Oh and she is training us too!!
Start as soon as you can with the people you want to be successful.  Stay with it especially when they don’t get it right the first time.  Their way of doing things might just show you a new way to create success for you.

To your success,

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