Image of kids playingFeeling confident and acting in a confident way helps you nail the moments that are important to you. 
And I can help guarantee you will feel and act confidently…any time you want. 
Remove doubt, fear, panic and critical self-thinking and you can create any successful result you desire.
My first step with clients and audiences is to “act as if” the thing, person, or situation they want is true.
All of us have seen little kids pretending.  They can fly; conquer the huge giants; create worlds of tremendous fun and power…all with their imaginations.  They have not yet encountered limitations that are learned. 
Image of boy dreamingI remember in class that there was a very nice quiet boy that would sit and daydream – looking out the window most of the class.  The teacher was very hard on him.  Rebuking his habit of daydreaming in front of the class and telling him he would never amount to anything if he did not pay attention and learn what needed to be learned in that moment.  Yes, there are pieces of information we need to learn, but we also need to supply our “dreams” with the fuel they need to grow into the realities we desire.
BTW, the little boy in the classroom who daydreamed, holds 30 patents that are key to our lives right now.  And he is still daydreaming…thank Goodness.
What if you “acted as if” whatever it is you want were true: 

  • Speaking in front of your team and providing content that is valuable and usable
  • Being on time with the most difficult project of your career because your boss knows you can do it
  • Proposing to that gorgeous person you adore knowing the life you will have will be amazing
  • Renting the piece of property for your business cause it is the perfect location for your business
  • Developing the “techie thing” you have dreamt about for months, maybe years 

Interesting imageWhen you are in the ACT of believing, your body responds as if it is the truth.  You walk differently.  You speak with more authority.  Your brain clears the doubts and has access to the brilliance you carry in your thoughts and creativity.
My dear client today discovered that she is no longer afraid of speaking in public.  I reminded her of the work we have done together; the panic that is not in her stomach; the excitement of presenting the next phase of information and deciding the outfit perfect for the presentation.  She was astonished that she had actually arrived.  She has worked hard to move from panic and terror to producing an outcome for the audience that is both important and valuable…and for her. 
Interesting imageDoubt, fear, panic and your critical mind will keep you separated from that remarkable person that is just waiting to be asked to play.
Need a great coach?  I do know one.  

To your success,

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