All you have to do is look around you to find numerous examples of Before and After.

 Here are some examples that immediately expose the Before and After of a situation: 

  • A lawn that needs to be mowed and then gets mowed
  • A dirty car and the sweet moment after the car wash gets hold of it
  • Washing a window after a tough winter – watch the sparkle and see everything more clearly
  • Making your bed – you walk into the room after and it just feels more put together
  • You who takes action on their Before and After  

So what about you as a person.  What is your Before and what is your After?
How about learning how to use presentation skills training to increase your confidence and nail the material with your team or audience?
What about totally bringing that project to a conclusion, on time and within budget?
Actually not eating that extra “whatever” and taking a look at the scale…you dropped 5lbs and the pants fit better – yes they do!
Using your technology on your device to support you rather than divert your attention…24/7 and annoying your team;
family; partner.
Example:  A client that I worked with this past year had an “annoyed” Before.  Everyone annoyed her.  Everyone was on the edge of stupid in her eyes.  She had little tolerance for anyone especially her partner; boss and teammates.  She knew she had a problem, but actually thought she was in the wrong job.  Her After involves taking deep breaths (using her device as a reminder) as she learns that the world does not revolve around her needs (and opinions) and that using her talents and strengths is actually pleasing and totally satisfying.  She got out of her own way and everyone benefitted.
Again, what is your Before?  What is your desired and deserved After?
Let me help you assess where you are and what are the next best steps for you to achieve, easily and quickly, your confident, remarkable and wholly deserved After.

To your success,

P.S. Give yourself the space for VIP time with me…together we can evaluate your Before and design your After. Now is the time. My VIP days get filled very quickly and I want to support you now. Give me a call and ask me about the VIP process. We can do our VIP time together in Nashville or your location. Here are the times in my call schedule to talk with me the VIP time and any questions you have about where you are in the Before and After. Schedule your time now!

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