At least every couple of years I like to remind you all of the importance of using the powerful message of “Thank You” to show gratitude and to endear those important people in your lives.
You cannot say thank you too often.  However, you can say thank you too infrequently.
The worst I have ever heard from a client was, “they know I care about them and I am grateful for their help”.   REALLY?
Not sure these statements can ever be said and/or repeated too often: 

  • Nice job
  • Thank you
  • You rock my world
  • I can always count on you
  • You made my day
  • Great follow up
  • You lead like a champ
  • Don’t ever quit…please
  • You are important to me
  • I love you so much and am so grateful to have you in my life 

We are all becoming expert technologists just by using our devices so much.  They communicate easily, quickly and globally if needed.  But they are not the most powerful way of communicating, although powerful they are.
The handwritten note is still the most powerful and emotion inducing way of communicating.  Even more powerful is a hand addressed envelope with a first class stamp with a handwritten note enclosed. 
When you receive your physical mail and you encounter a handwritten envelope, you put the rest of the mail down and immediately open the envelope.  (a huge marketing tool many have given up). 
Our reactions to a handwritten note (including a postcard) are: 

  • Reading and rereading the note
  • Keeping it close cause it feels special
  • We feel special about the person who sent the note
  • The note makes a GIGANTIC impression
  • Our breathing is different, more relaxed 

Now that is powerful as far as I am concerned. 
If you want to say thank you, say it with a handwritten note or card.  Make a list of those in your personal and professional life that could use a thank you…people you value and support you.
NOTE:  My mom did not save anything – she was so good at tossing “stuff”.  When she passed, I was in charge of putting her effects together.  I knew she enjoyed cards from me, but when I found 6 boxes of cards and letters that she saved from her life, I got to know my mom a little bit better.  These notes, letters and cards were worth saving.  Yes, I read them all and still have all the love letters she and my dad shared. 
Write a note.  I guarantee it will make an impression and create a very special memory and feeling for the person receiving the handwritten note.

To your success,

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