I believe deeply that there is a right and good time for everything.  It has proven itself to me and my clients to be true, time and time again.
There is also doubt, procrastination and just plain “not going to do it” in the mix.
When I ask you, “what are you waiting for”, it is not to accuse you of stalling or not taking action.  My question is actually a kindness to you. 
You do not have to wait for anything, ever.
If you have a physical plan that cannot be completed now, you can continue to plan, dream, refine until it can be.  The question about waiting is really about believing that “it” is real and can be done.
The better question is:
“What are you waiting for that you really are ready for?”
It can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.  In our lives, there are people and circumstances that indicate to us that we do not deserve or are good enough to receive; achieve; do; plan or execute the obvious.
Here is what I mean by obvious: 

  • Millions of people have lost weight – do you need to remove pounds that don’t serve you or your health?
  • Thousands of people have worked hard to enter a marathon, come in almost last, and laughed until they cried with relief and feeling
    amazingly proud.
  • So many people have finally gotten the courage, after they do their market research, and asked for the bonus and/or raise…and get it!!
  • That person you want to ask out; to be on your board; to share a project; to coach; to lead is truly just waiting for you to do just that…yes, you are that good.
  • You can have a clean office.  One sheet of paper at a time just gets tossed and shredded – each day you toss, clean and clear – it becomes a priority because you deserve a really clean and well-organized workspace. 

What is that thing you are waiting for?
My coaching practice is predominate with remarkable, smart, savvy, intelligent persons who are having trouble getting to what is important to them…and to stop beating themselves up for not getting it done. 
Perfect Example:  When I first started in my business I collected all my receipts (well most of them) and put them in a shoe box.  I was so proud they were actually in the same place.  When I finally got to the place where I could hire a bookkeeper, I was ashamed of my shoe box method.  When I finally had the courage to show them to her, she laughed.  She told me she had seen much worse.  Trust me, I was so relieved to find out that my receipt practice was based on not knowing, not because I was a bad business person.
So, my friend…what are you waiting for?

To your success,

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