One of my clients’ new favorite pastimes is comparing the different languages around the tasting of wine.  Not a hobby for everyone, but for him, it is everything.  He loves the differences in the language; the location of the wineries; what comments mean in different countries and how wine is tasted in those countries.  Much of the wine comparison and rituals are not the same – he thinks that is so interesting and fascinating.  He wants to know all the similarities and the differences.
A team I am coaching for leadership and communication has welcomed a new member.  She speaks 4 languages and is in her mid 40s.  She has a black belt and roller blades everyday at lunch.  The entire engineering team had a part in interviewing her and when they had initially seen her resume they were sure she would be a bit arrogant because of her accomplishments and skills. When they met this 5 foot woman with a soft voice, they were surprised.  The interviewing went well; the team was excited to add such a talent to their team and she was able to relay to them how proud she was to join the team she had “heard” so much about – their talents and project wins.
Judgment.  Opinion.  Preconceived ideas.  They are just some of the issues that get in the way of something being “different” than you.
Diversity.  It is a big subject and most of the time, the term is not thought of in positive terms.  Diversity of ideas, people and cultures ADD such flavor to a team, organization and/or project.
What are some of your preconceived ideas about people?  How are you judging before you even know all of the information?
I think life is like taking an ongoing advanced degree in learning.  When we are willing to learn: 

  • New ideas are valued
  • Differences are interesting
  • Contrary ideas are welcomed
  • Learning a new skill is positive
  • Listening to different opinions is fascinating 

How are you doing in your advanced degree called Diversity

In putting together my ideas for this blog, I warmed up my favorite green tea and mused over the “different” people, places and things that have added texture to my life.  

  • Born in Wisconsin, grew up in Ankara Turkey
  • Midwest values, TN grandchildren
  • Military mindset, farmer mentality and sustainability 

I considered how these circumstances have added diversity and brilliance to my life. 
So may I ask you…what kind of new textures and experiences are you welcoming into your life?
I guarantee that diversity adds to the success of outcomes, goals and situations. 

To your success,

P.S.  We have added a new book to our Best Reads list.  It is about diversity, but not dry factual, go to sleep information. “Working Together: Producing Synergy by Honoring Diversity” by Mikhail Gorbachev. These are stories that fascinate and draw you in. My dear, many year friend and wise man, James McKim, recommended it to me and now I am recommending it to you.  A good read and addition for our Best Reads list

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