Technical issues can tie you in knots both business wise and emotionally.  We need and use our technology 24/7 and it has to run well.  The technology glitches that consume us also make us wiser…if we let it.

My technology issues were intermittent for 2 years even after I bought all new hardware (all updates) and software (updates, backups, platforms).  The speed was good.  The equipment top of the line.  The software tested and adapted for my company. 

The vendors that I use to keep my technology running well so I can connect immediately and easily with my clients, prospects and staff are seasoned, experienced and deeply committed to providing the best for their clients.

And yet I continued with issues.

1.5 months ago I made the decision to up level my technology resource and am delighted and relieved I did.

Here is what Sherrod Computers did:

  • They listened to my woman’s intuition that something was not
  • My staff reviewed all the potential issues and we narrowed the biting issue down to only one
  • My clients cooperated with testing – thank you so much
  • Hours were spent in person and remotely continuing to search for the why and where of the problem

The beginning of this week I sat with the senior engineer and said “John, something is just not right.  The intermittent issue continues to plague me, our marketing, our lists etc.” 

So he dug further into some obscure areas that only highly qualified and curious techies go.  He used his wisdom, instead of just pushing buttons and clicking, to ask deeper questions about the “why” of the issue.  

Last night I got a text saying, “call me”.  

I took a deep breath, not knowing what to expect, but knowing ‘call me’ was not his normal mode of operating.

He had found the cause of the issue.  He had found the “women’s intuition” issue that no one could explain, but I knew something was lurking and hurting my system. 


After hours of work today with outside resources, he found someone who could speak to him about the problem and together they have come up with a solution. 

So you want to know why I am sharing this with you?

Because when you “know” something is not right, you have to stay with it.  And you have to find someone as curious and patient as John and Sherrod Computers to be your resource and in relationship with you as a real customer  – caring, digging and solving. 

Nothing is as frustrating as an “intermittent” issue.  It is not always a problem; it does not show itself clearly enough to be solved; when it decides to make a mess it can take you all the way down that rabbit hole.  

I love my client issues because I know I can support and help them solve them. I do not do technical work because that is not my talent.  I was lucky enough to have John and his organization, show up for myself, my company, my staff and my beloved prospects and clients. 

Trust yourself when you just know that something needs attention…and there is a solution.  Maybe it is a techie or maybe it is a coach.  Take the steps to create the best solution for you.

To your success,

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