Mr. Rogers turned 90 years old on March 20.  It is fitting that is the first day of spring for us.
He was like spring.  New, fresh, hopeful of things to come.
The stats on his TV show were that 95% of the people in the USA liked the show.  Today we can hardly get 10% of anyone to agree on anything.
I bring Mr. Rogers up because his integrity with bringing safety to the children who watched his show has continued with his legacy.  They are even doing a documentary about him and his “Neighborhood” show coming out in summer of 2018.
I am going to make sure that I get to see this documentary for the following reasons: 

  • It will be sweet and hopeful
  • His integrity and legacy of love and safety for children will be shown
  • The premise will be about his caring for kids and kindness
  • The documentary will demo how simple it was to involve kids with love and caring
  • We will be able to spend some time with this calm, caring and loving man
  • His message never ever changed – he always trusted children and they trusted him 

And what does this have to do with leadership, communication and behavioral performance and how we conduct our lives?
Well, just watching the trailer to the “Neighborhood” documentary, inspired me to take a deep breath and trust that consistent, confident, safe caring still works magic…even for adults.
Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers. 
Thank you for all the wonderful lessons.  Even today, you resonate with love.

To your success,

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