Communication needs to be clear, concise, timely and relevant.  And don’t you wonder how often that really happens when a leader speaks?
Leaders, any leader, need to communicate in a way that provides information and direction.  Support and confidence building communication is also a needed aspect of leaders communicating.
So why are leaders and their communication needing to be different? 
We expect so much from our leaders and communication is one of the most important aspects of their skills.
If they get communication wrong and share it with their team, organization or industry, they inform a vast number of people with incorrect information.
A CEO or owner of a business can disrupt, misinform and miscommunicate larger groups of people, all of the time. 
And because of the implied “rank” of the leader, we are persuaded they are right or we had better do what they say.
In working with teams, I find a reluctance to “correct” the leader because of the power that person has over them.
Well…here is the big news…leaders are not done learning.  The higher the level they go in their corporations/organizations, the more problems they can cause.
Leaders need to: 

  • Stay informed and have reliable people providing them information
  • Ask questions about the project, rather than giving orders
  • Listen at the beginning, middle and end of the meetings and projects
  • Be present to the conversations that contribute to decisions involving the team; organization; BOD; etc
  • Continue to read and be motivated and inspired by other leaders and
    their experiences
  • Move at the pace that includes and encourages communication from all levels of the situation 

Take a look at your communication style and evaluate whether you are helping people produce at the level that creates ongoing, accountable success.
When we move at the speed of our devices, we rarely communicate completely and/or well.
Whether leading a small business; an emerging team; a huge organization or a committee for the community, you as a leader are looked to for guidance
and accuracy.
A good place to start in thinking about your communication effectiveness, is how well are you listening. Take the listening test and get immediate feedback for you to use on your listening and your communication success.

To your success,

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