Sometimes it is just ok to get mad.  Furious in fact.

Stomping around, yelling, punching the air.  Don’t repress the feelings,
express them.

HOW you express them is the winning secret sauce for you and the situation.

How the world is supposed to work, according to you and what you deserve, does not happen as often as it should.

In many situations, we can allow ourselves to not be cared for; to allow the service we deserve, to be incomplete or poor.


  • You are important
  • Your time is valuable and needs to be respected
  • You deserve to get what you are promised
  • Some services are just plain bad – get it right for you
  • Asking for accountability is not only fair, but needed

Take your “furious” and deal with it.  Keep your steps getting from furious to satisfied in line for you:

  • Go ahead and steam and rant and rave – privately
  • Share with a friend, partner or your dog how angry you are…get it out
  • Breathe lots, deep breaths
  • Start a list of what you need to be satisfied in your “not cared
    for” situation
  • Share the list with the offender calmly (remember, you got the anger out by stomping around)
  • Keep breathing and feel proud of how you handled the situation creating satisfied services and honored promises

Furious is ok.

Bad service is not.

Take care and share what is most important to you with the offender.

Be proud of how you handled it.  And do notice that you are feeling pretty proud of yourself.

To your success,

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