Ill health is no fun and the idea of trying to recover easily can be daunting.

It is said it is easier to stay well than to get well.

The stats on our lack of good nutrition and eating habits are not good.  Diabetes is up double digits in the last 2 years.  General and deep fatigue plagues so many.  And yet we continue with our busy schedules being very sure we do not have time to change our habits to wellness habits or do anything differently.

Health scares come sometimes from a slow slippery slope that we don’t even know we are on.

We are just doing what we always do.

  • Late nights getting  projects
    done, again
  • Pounding the alarm several times each morning because we are
    so tired
  • Knowing we will get in that exercise “hour” this week – it never happens
  • Easy, sugary, available food because it is convenient and we are too tired or too rushed to make meals
  • That neck pain and upper back pain from so many hours staring at our screens…ignoring the stiffness and ache

What are our bodies supposed to do with these habits?

Notice, I did not even include:  drinking too much to relax; smoking or vaping; drinking sodas all day long and being anxious and angry most of the time.

100 Trillion cells in our bodies need our help.

Pick one habit to look at and see how it is serving you or not.  Then take an immediate small step to begin the shift to something better.

I guarantee you will feel good and proud of your actions, however small.

Last week I was reminded that my body needs me.  Your body needs you too.

To your success,

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