Seems like yesterday was the last week of 2017 and today we are one week away from Valentine’s Day.
The weeks of this “new year” are flying by. 
I want to remind you of your desire to take time to think through and plan what is most important to you regarding: 

  • Career
  • Family
  • Projects
  • Vacations
  • Self-development
  • Health 

Taking care of yourself does not have to take a lot of time, but you need to shift your focus from flying by the seat of your pants to taking a deep breath and allowing yourself to think about what you want and need.
I read some time ago, that we spend more time thinking and planning our vacations than we do thinking about our health or work.
So what is it that we do when we give ourselves over to planning a vacation?
We decide where we want to go.  When the best time to go.  What we need to arrange so we can go.  Who we want to go with.  What we need to take in order to go.  How much money we need for the vacation (and start saving).  What we will do when we get there and how we will spend our time.
I am spending some time with a best friend in Florida in a couple of weeks and needed to block out my calendar and let me coaching clients know I would be gone. 
Also had to call my “puppy lady” so my mini doxie Layla will be cared for while I am gone.  Actually, she is not cared for, but totally spoiled. 
There were several key decisions and actions I had to take in order to answer all my questions from getting from my seat in my office to the seat on the plane. 
None of the planning was hard, but it was planning.  It did take time.  I had to think about the steps and actions I needed and wanted to take to get me to the place I wanted (and at this point needed to go) to go.
My question is simple:
How much thinking, planning, breathing and actions are you taking to live this life of yours that is zooming by?
I can help you with that.  Small actions, well planned and easily constructed for your “most” important aspects of your life, make your life terrific, stress-free and purposeful.  It just feels good to be on top of your life using your talent and strengths. 

To your success,

P.S.  VIP days are powerful and help you choose your next success producing actions. Come on over to Nashville – we will have dinner and then spend the entire next day on just you and your next steps.  You deserve this kind of focus and attention.  Send me a note and let me know you are interested in VIPing with me.  2018 stands ready to have you create a remarkable year.  Let’s do this together!!

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