So many of my clients get irritated when their teams, subordinates, bosses and/or clients do not get the things done that they said they would not complete the requirements assigned to them.    
The common comment is:  “We talked about it and now they are late with the info; project; spreadsheet; whatever.  How many times do I have to ask them to get it done?  Why don’t they get it done?”
Accountability Conversations is usually my answer.
Did you have an accountability conversation with them about what was needed?         Crickets. 
With each client and team I work with, we detail the way to have these accountability conversations (AC). 
OK, so what is an Accountability Conversation?
The components of a thorough AC are the following: 

  • Communicate the information to complete the assignment
  • Ask when it will be done – not next week, but when it will be done by what day, the time during the day
  • Ask if they need any information from you
  • Would they like a reminder of the commitment
  • Pull out your device and let’s get it in there with a return receipt
  • Will there be a need for pre-sending info to be edited
  • Who are all the people involved and how to communicate them, email/phone/text/Dropbox etc
  • What subject line will prompt responses
  • If there is a meeting, will there be an agenda

Actually, a good explanation of an AC is like asking a teenager where they are going on Friday night.  Who, what, where, when, how and will the parents be there?
When you first start having an AC, it can feel like being grilled, maybe feel as if you are not trusted to get the work done.
Nothing can be further from the truth.  Accountability around communication, using resources and providing results is in the top three (3) issues in all of my coaching work.
People are not clear about what they need; when they need it and why it is important.
Accountability is thoroughness.  It also requires you to be very clear about your outcomes and objectives.  When you are clear and KNOW about completion and can trust it, you feel good.  They feel good.  You can evaluate performance more easily.  You can also evaluate whether the work needs to be done at all.
What, being thorough and accountable could mean less do-overs???
You are welcome.
Now go have those accountability conversations.  Let people know the value and get them to participate.  It will change how you produce your results and certainly how you evaluate work and performance.
You are welcome, again. 

To your success,

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