Commitment When learning the difference, as a leader and manager, between trying and commitment, the successes are ripe with completion.
Trying is not a commitment.  It can be tentative thoughts about getting stuff done or taking on ideas the might work.
Commitment is becoming informed, involved, actionable and then successful.
The feeling that trying invokes is meh. 
The feeling that commitment invokes is confidence and self-congratulations for getting “it” done, just like you said you would.
TrustThe world loves, loves, loves, (and totally trusts) committed people; clients; prospects; customers; friends; co-workers; owners; leaders; managers.  They are the people who not only get things done, but inspire all of us to greater confidence.

Here is what I mean by confidence.

When you make a commitment, this is what happens: 

  • You feel great
  • You are proud of the work
  • You follow through
  • You stay on course
  • You align with courage, self-respect and completion 

What else all that does is invite in respect and admiration from others.  You know those people in your life that are committed.  They are the ones you invite to be on your team; BOD; in your organization; sharing the project; developing the strategies. 
Committed people do not wear you out.  People who continually “try”, exhaust us.
So how are your strategies and commitments working so far in 2018?? 
You and I could be a great committed team through coaching to getting you to the place where commitment is your best characteristic.  Come do a VIP day with me in Nashville and let the commitments begin.
To your success,

P.S.  VIP days are powerful and help you choose your next success producing actions. Come on over to Nashville – we will have dinner and then spend the entire next day on just you and your next steps.  You deserve this kind of focus and attention.  Send me a note and let me know you are interested in VIPing with me.  2018 stands ready to have you create a remarkable year.  Let’s do this together!!

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