News, social media, vlogs, podcasts, online newscasts, twitter etc.  Not a lot of really exciting good news.  Good thoughts?  Positive thoughts?  Not much to inspire you to create continual successes and stay positive while working your way through high-value performance experiences.
So how do you stay inspired?
Remember the conversation about how your “thoughts become things…what you think about is what you become”?   Well, it is true.  The atmosphere of our thinking affects us 24/7.  Since most of it is negative, our approach can begin to take on really negative features: 

  • Car rage
  • Text rage – taking too long
  • Gaining weight for only eating convenience food
  • Caffeine, 5-hour drinks
  • Less and less sleep because we cannot fall asleep
  • Device fatigue – never ever putting the device down and away 

Well, how about if we use our technology to support our positive self-talk and positive action steps. 
Set an alarm at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm each day to take time to breathe and see what shape your thoughts are in…negative, positive, unhinged, righteous, angry, delighted with the day.  What do you find most of the time when you stop to check in to see how your mind is working?
The stats are dismal:  89% of the time you are thinking something negative and you are criticizing yourself.  If you had a friend like that, you would probably eliminate them from your life.  Since you can’t make your mind stop having thoughts, what if you helped shift the thoughts to positive? 
Do what whatever it is you need for you to stay inspired.  My first action step to support shifting from negative to positive self-supporting thoughts was to use “post-it notes” on the bathroom mirror. Each morning while brushing my teeth, I would see these nicely positive messages.  Then,  I graduated to post it notes all over my entire home.  I bought inspiring books (see our Best Reads for support and inspiration) and attended seminars, telecalls, conferences and found new ways to spend my time positively.
Eventually I was able to eliminate the hundreds of post-it notes by my continuous learning and supporting the outcome I wanted:  POSITIVE, INSPIRING, RESULT PRODUCING THINKING AND ACTIONS.
I want to share with you here some of my favorite affirmations that help keep me centered and supporting myself and my goals. 

  • Money is now my friend and I welcome it at any moment
  • All people I meet add value to my life
  • Each day brings wonderful success for me and my goals
  • The people on my team are highly effective and terrific people
  • Life is good
  • I am well all of the time
  • The entire Universe conspires to bring me my good all of the time
  • Only good can come of this situation 

We are adding a new affirmation book to our Best Reads by Louise Hay called: “Power Thoughts – 365 Daily Affirmations”.  You can’t find anyone more positive or successful than Louise Hay.
Pick one affirmation and being repeating it to yourself starting in the morning – repeat it all day long until it shifts your thoughts from negative to positive.

It takes some practice to shift your thoughts, but who cares.  You are worth it.
“I can do this, I want to do this, this is working for me”.
To your success,

P.S.  Best Reads – take a look at our inspiring list of books by highly creative and brilliant people…and see what you like. 

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