For those of you who have enjoyed the music of the group “Three Dog Night”, they were named for the cold winters in Canada, where it would take 3 dogs in your bed to keep you warm.
I am full of “cold” information because:

  • I am cold here in TN
  • It is 7 degrees which is a heat wave to some of you in the Dakotas
  • Schools have closed, wind chills are in the minuses that are scary cold
  • My home heating system is working hard – I can hear every gasp
  • Am wearing a flannel scarf around my neck and my favorite SmartWool socks on my feet
  • Being grateful for any heat and having a home with lots of blankets allows me to be thankful, humble and thoughtful 

Being cold certainly gets us aware of our present moment…being cold is hard.  And once you get cold, it seems forever before you warm up.
My point is that we just might need this cold awareness to kick in our gratitude buttons we all have underneath our wool sweaters and Lands’ End coats.
Opening my storm door to let my puppy out reminded me how warm the sun can be shining through the glass.  I stayed in the sunbeam for many minutes thinking how “good” this felt.  It was still 7 degrees outside and yet I was a glass pane thickness away feeling snug and comfy.
I love awareness.  I love being present.  I love bringing my clients to their awareness and presence through our coaching together. 
An aware person is one who can make a decision about the next steps because they know what the issues are…what the challenges are…what the opportunities are…just from practicing their awareness. 
The most powerful place in your life is being aware of the situation; self; project; person; weather; and taking the next correct steps to fix the issue.  You know the next steps because your aware self is clear on what they need to be.
Your new year could be much more effective and success producing if you allow the following in: 

  • Clarity with strategies and communication
  • Ease of decision making and execution of ideas
  • Confidence seeking in order to take the necessary actions
    and contribute
  • Consistency of commitments to yourself and others 

It all begins with becoming aware.  If you don’t like where you are, you can decide your next steps and take them toward improvement and creating the results you deserve.  If you do like where you are, you can add more of what you feel and are doing to support the awareness of what is needed to have continued success.
Be warm.  Stay safe.  Take care.  Feel good.
To your success,

P.S.  Best Reads list was developed just for you.  Pick out a book (many have the audio and kindle format) and start your year out right.  The authors on the list are provocative, funny, effective and brilliant.  I would say you deserve some of that…Best Reads
P.P.S.  The Founding Fathers – you think you had it bad, see what happened to the men who wrote out constitution.  Not only were they cold, but many of them lost everything.  It is a fascinating story

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