Clearing clutter and getting all those piles to the shredder has been solved.  I have the best way to get your office and desk cleaned.
Initially one of the reasons we don’t clean up the piles is that we think we are actually going to go through them and read everything.  Right?
Then there is the “marketing” thinking that those other piles will turn into great projects; on line products; keynote presentations; new definitive non-technical policies that are understood and followed.  Right?
Basically none of that is true. 
Part of my coaching for my clients is to help them eliminate their clutter from their brilliant clogged brains and work area.  It actually works well.  Once you get your area clear, your creativity and clarity expands and explodes to levels that produce the high performance you results you want.  Clutter distracts us. 
HOWEVER, I did not follow my own coaching this last month and have many piles of marketing “possibles”, coaching content that will revolutionize my work, articles to share, transcripts of giants in the business, notes from plane rides of new concepts and all the papers from this year to resort into my new office system.  (Right, I started a new office system….what was I thinking?)
I told you I have the best way to clear this stuff out and get this office into it’s new system, correct my wrongs, find the damn notes from the last conference and know that I am hitting the new year in a clear, clean, uncluttered and powerful way.
Here is the method:
Get really sick (like I did yesterday from the kiddlets who played this holiday weekend and we did not know they were cooking up the flu) and then med yourself up with: 

  • Double dose of green tea
  • Clove and Thieves oil on all pulses
  • Hot shower
  • Warm wool socks cause it got so cold here
  • Lots of vitamin C and Echinacea
  • 3 times a day dose of the vinegar/garlic/hot pepper tonic (which can feel like hot pokers on your sore throat)
  • Ibuprofen  for the aches 

Give all that about 20 minutes to kick in and then start sorting the piles.
Trust me, you are still feeling so awful that NOTHING you have saved will be kept.  You will fill that shred box so fast and your office will be clean in no time.
I am doing that now and I am amazed at how fast all of this is getting done. 
When I am finished sharing this new brilliant office decluttering with you, I am going to sit in my wonderful coaching chair and pretend to think and plan.  I bet I fall asleep and when I wake up the office will be cleaner and I will feel better.
I actually can hear you now…”Natalie, that is a terrible idea to get that sick in order to work on your office”.  
I totally agree. 
Be well.  I have loved being with you this year.  The New Year is coming and you are going to be your brilliant self and do remarkable stuff…oh yes you are.
To your success,

P.S.  Start your new year with confidence, clarity, supported and juiced to produce your best year ever. VIP day with me. You will never ever regret the time you spent on you and your next success producing steps. Come VIP day with me.  

P.P.S. “Getting Things Done” by David Allen is another of those classics about being your own resource and accountability.  He revolutionized time management and being timely with his techniques and tips for the BUSY professional. This is one of those books that you will tell your other peers “you know I read what David Allen said about getting things done and using time wisely and it really works”.  What could be better than that?

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