The holiday chaos is in full swing from busy streets to lots of testy people. 
It is easy to forget that this is the week to get ready for family and fun…maybe some relaxing with good friends?

Stress you say.  You still need to:

  • Figure out what to buy her (or him)
  • Shop for the food and all those damn vegans, vegetarians, and
    gluten-free crowd
  • Find the right outfit for the company holiday party
  • Wrap wrap wrap
  • Dust at least part of the house
  • Someone needs to clean the toilet
  • Find the right bedding for the guest room
  • Text the guys and gals the times and places they need to be
  • Attend the recitals of all your good friends’ kids
  • Return the call to Aunt Sally 

OMG how did it get to be the week before Christmas and only 10 days until the end of the year??? 

It either it all gets done or not.  However, you do not want to face the next days in a near tizzy and end up with all the stress. 
Don’t forget about you.  I am truly aware that there is not time or enough money…or so you think.
I am going to share my favorite stress buster which is easy and can be done anywhere.  It is called the wall lean.  I just find a wall (anywhere and everywhere will do), lean and breathe.
The breathing reassures me and my body that the overwhelming stress I am feeling is just that, stress.  Your breathing will instantly help you tell your body that you are ok and there is no extreme danger.
Breathe 1001 1002 1003 in and breathe 1001 1002 1003 out.  Do that 3 times in a row.  You will feel differently about the moment and your body systems will begin to relax.  Then your brain can kick in with some clarity and you get the result of reducing the stress feelings and panic.

We celebrate Christmas at my home so may I wish you a delightful and blessed Merry Christmas. 
To your success,

P.S.  You might want to share this with your family and friends (co-workers too)  – maybe even pop some popcorn and watch it and listen yourself.  

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