2017 is ending soon.  2018 is coming on fast. 24 days left in the year.
The end of the year rush to get “it” altogether and get everything done is too much
You can start and end your goals and be pursuing outstanding results at any time.
Yes, deadlines help us to get stuff done.  The end of this year and preparing to be perfectly great in a new year usually create high stress for us.  Our thoughts can be so critical and negative:

  • I will never get all of this completed by the end of the year.
  • How the hell did it get to be the holidays already?
  • What am I going to do?
  • Next year I will all the things I did not get done this year and accomplish all my goals from the last 10 years. 

What do you really want?
“Really Natalie, I can actually have what I want?”
Yup.  You know you can.  Being busy, tired, unclear and with a bit of an attitude has kept you from seeing what is possible. 
But, again, what is it that you want?  Do you even know your “want” with all the noise to achieve, do, produce and then being surrounded by negative thoughts?
It is truly simple to discover our wants, I promise.  Find yourself a piece of paper and a good pen (or your favorite screen and keypad) and start listing everything you want.  Do a brain dump – write down everything whether you feel it is possible or not.  It will feel so good to get all those thoughts out of your head.  Then, take some deep breaths and appreciate your list.
Now pick ONE “want” to take action on.  Just one.  No overloading yourself or your brain again.  Pick just one.  When you have completed taking actions to have that one want, celebrate.  Celebrate the actions taken; the positive thoughts about achieving; the listing of your wants and knowing which ones are real and those which you truly desire. 
You will no longer be stuck.  That alone will help you feel like you have made great progress.  Tony Robbins has said for years that “small actionable steps” are what help us achieve success and the results we deserve.  He is so right!!
I always want you to be taking care of you.  When you are filled to the brim with self-care and positive actions, you will have so much for others in your life. 
Get what you want –  now that you know what you want it is…
Confidence + Clarity + Action  =  Success. 
Let me know if you would like some help with the process. If you need support in deciding to coach with me, please visit my testimonial page and read what people have said about their experiences.    Each person on my testimonial page was exactly where you are right now.  Talented and stuck.  Smart and stuck.  Let me help. 
To your success,

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