Coaching is about helping people get from what is not working to certainty so they can decide the actions they want to take to produce the results they want.  It really is very simple.  Not always easy, but simple.
However, when you add our learned behaviors to mix, we can become very stuck about next steps.
Most of the people who write about behavior and not getting things done add “procrastination” as the relevant problem for inaction. 
Procrastination’s dictionary definition says:  it is the action of delaying or postponing something.   
Procrastination can look like: 

  • Having to dig through the laundry basket for clean clothes because you never got around to folding them and putting them away.
  • Letting your office get filled with piles of magazine; papers; Amazon boxes etc because you don’t have time to clean up your clutter.
  • Never putting your deadlines in your device because you know the dates will probably change.
  • Or these…  

We all delay.  We postpone habitually.  Yes, we all procrastinate.  But what if it is not procrastination that is keeping you from getting important things done?
DOUBT – that feeling of uncertainty, is the enemy for most of my clients in creating high levels of success.
Doubt can look and sound like this: 

  • What if the project is not what they want?
  • I bet other proposals are so much better than mine.
  • I am probably too late to make the deadline anyway.
  • What is wrong with me…I should be able to just do this, right here and right now. 

The doubt that I know undermines brilliance, creativity, confidence, courage, joy, pleasure, and excellence.
When we doubt ourselves habitually we begin to erode any attracting of confidence.  We can also attract piles of stress as we beat ourselves up for “not getting things done”. 
My clients are remarkable people.  They are smart, savvy, creative, funny, unique, busy, committed and filled with DOUBT at times.  They hate doubt.  It stops them in their tracks when everything felt like it was going so well.  It causes them to judge harshly their behavior and actions.
How do you remove doubt? 
Once you start dancing with doubt, I believe that the best actions you can take is to ask for help.  If you feel like “you are not sure and you don’t know why”, you are probably doubting yourself.
33 days until the end of the year.  Let me help.
I know doubt first hand and also know you can simply remove the roadblocks to your success and results producing self by shifting from doubting yourself and moving into action.  And a good coach, like me, can help you right now.
To your success,

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