The increase in the stats on the rates of anxiety is frightening.  Stress seems to have turned into the polite sister of the ugly sister called anxiety.
There is a measured 57% increase in chronic cases of anxiety and anxiety attacks in adults and children. I was
dumbfounded with the data.    
The youth of our USA have an increased rate of suicide in the double digits in the last 10 years.
We all probably know someone who has committed suicide or a family that has experienced it.  How do we keep from moving from a stressed out human to a fully anxious human…can this very serious anxiety really happen to me? 
Anxiety vs stress, keeps us:

  • Awake at night in a chronic
    “with ifs”
  • In the constant state of negativity
  • Fat – increased eating; emotional food needs
  • Suspicious of people’s motives in our work and lives  

Anxiety is not a good thing.  Stress is preferable. (I never thought I would ever write or say that.)  Taking time to relax, breathe and care of our nutrition is now lifesaving…not just a good thing to do.  We can take care of stress more easily than any chronic anxiety issues. 
“Natalie, how do I create comfort for myself that I will actually participate in and begin to create some good habits for my life?” 

  • The keystone of all of stress reducing issues is learning to breathe.  I ask my clients to set a morning and afternoon alarm on their device to remind them to breathe.  Use your technology to
    support you. 
  • Move your phone, tablet and laptop out of the room you are sleeping in.  Just try it for a week and see the difference in the way you end your day and begin your day. 
  • HYDRATE with water.  Keep a bottle of water with you all day long.  Drink water BEFORE you drink your coffee or tea.  Give your stomach juices are refreshing lemon and water as your first sip in the morning.
  • Get out of your chair during the day and wander.  Do wall pushups.  Touch your toes.  Twirl your arms.  MOVE MOVE MOVE. 
  • Get something fun into your calendar on a weekly basis.  Do not skip this.  You can volunteer or you can go find a park bench and sit and stare.  Just get away from the grinding routine of your constant negative mind chatter.  

You need you.  Louise Hay, the self-development guru who recently passed at 90, said that “you are the longest relationship you will ever have, make it a good one.” 
I was speaking to a very successful client today who is just learning to create balance in her life.  She is a key contributor in a global brand as a senior and mature manager.  She has a proven history of leading, contributing, supporting, and developing incredibility talented and effective teams.  And yet she is just learning to figure out what balance would mean to her. 
Balance does not feel natural to us and we are totally confused on why learning to be in balance would be so foreign to us.   Begin today to put a tiny piece of PEACE into your life. 
The people on my list, you, are remarkable people that I have met through my speaking, keynotes and coaching individuals and teams. 
Make a commitment to yourself, today, to move away from the downward slide from occasional stress into anxiety.
It would be my pleasure to support you with your strategy for creating balance, joy and feeling good about you.
To your success,

P.S.  I have two books that I think will help you begin your journey to balance and feeling good.  “The Art Of Happiness” by Dalai Lama XIV  and “Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety” by Angira Lisbon

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