We are all working on something to improve or change our current circumstances.  Even if it is just an idea, we are working on that idea over and over in our mind.
“What about this?  Maybe that.  Whoa, how about…?”
The other side of thinking through our ideas before they become actions is that we also do ourselves a disservice by thinking:

  • Right, like that is going to happen.
  • I saw them attempt that and it was awful.
  • No one has ever succeeded doing that so why should I?
  • Who has the money and time to work on that?

The negative hardly ever inspires us to action.  I don’t know many people who are motivated by criticism – maybe guilted into action, but hardly ever “oh yay, I am going to do that cause I got beat up for not doing it.”
We can easily stop the entire “taking some action steps” by the thinking about it too much.  Some call it OCD or being anal, I call it “wearing it out”. 
It reminds me of a client who wanted to work on her first book draft.  Building the Wall of China was probably easier than her ability to just put the first words out on the screen or paper.  So many reasons she could not possibly write the draft…even though she had been thinking about it for years.  Her thoughts were discouraging her each day:

  • Someone else had already done a book on the topic and what more could she write that would be of value?
  • Who was she to write a book?
  • She doesn’t know how to write.
  • Who would buy her book anyway?

I love Hemmingway’s quote about writing.  “Anyone can write.  Just sit at a typewriter each day and bleed.”
Most leaders, business owners and executives I know and coach, write everyday.  Memos.  Policies.  Project overviews.  Performance reviews.  Proposals.
You do know how to write. 
What you are most afraid of in taking action, like writing, is that someone or anyone will like it; approve of it; give you a prize for doing it or even notice the effort.
The most remarkable and important person in your life will notice…you.
This life is for you to enjoy.  Honest, it can be a load of fun and rewarding.
But not when you are obsessing about how it can’t be.
Here it comes.  My solution to everything.  BREATHE.
Start there. Write down, briefly, the actions you need to accomplish to feel good.  Then take just one action.
I love what Tony Robbins says about taking actions.  “Take small deliberate actions to achieve big outcomes.” 
There has never been a stupid person who asked to be coached and supported in moving out of their dilemma of not being able to take action on their own.
It takes so much courage to ask for support and help.

To Your Success,

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