What is your first response to the question “why do you keep trying?” 
So if asked you that question, you would probably be a bit offended. 
“Natalie I keep trying because it is what I do and it is how I create success.”
I think part of why we continue to “try” is that we are told if we don’t, we will lose badly.  That not to try is wrong. 
We spend so much time trying to: 

  • Get our speaking skills in great shape
  • Learning the best tips for improving our confidence
  • Shopping for food that supports our nutrition
  • Trying to balance our lives with work, family and community
  • Giving time to those in need
  • Responding to the world so we can feel like we contributed 

But really, why do you keep trying?  No one is forcing you to be successful.  Guilt could be a motivator; our expectations from our parents; the success of our brother; the negativity of the world and wanting to make changes.
Yet, you keep trying because?….
Want to know why you try? 
You try because you are a remarkable human whose values and beliefs gets you out of the way of negativity and challenges that stop you dead.  Your values motivate and vindicate you at every step of your journey.
And here is the killer part of the question.  “So Natalie, why am I letting so many pieces slip through the cracks and not getting them all done?”
My honest answer as a coach, maybe your coach, is have you really decided what you do well and delegated some of the rest?
2017 is 3 months from being 2018. 

Remember last December when you had stars in your eyes with what you would accomplish this year?  It was going to be the year that you got EVERYTHING done.  You were FINALLY going to accomplish the goals you have had for years. 
My question is this?  Do you want to continue to “try” to make 2017 a really good year for you and your career and family? 
OR do you want to easily assess what would be the best short term roadmapfor you for the balance of 2017?   
There are reasons you have not accomplished everything.  And, my dear friend, it is rarely for lack of trying.  Your challenge could be: 

  • Not knowing your most important goals
  • No plan for accomplishing the outcomes most important to you
  • Creating negativity even though you are doing well in so many areas
  • Blaming yourself for not knowing EVERYTHING and EXECUTIING perfectly in all areas 

Do I hear you saying, “I wish I could talk to you Natalie and put a solid, positive, doable, direction on the balance of my year”.  You can! How about some coaching time with me:  https://nataliemanor.acuityscheduling.com/ 
Let’s have a call together.  I asked my VA to find some time in my schedule in the FIRST TWO WEEKS OF OCTOBER so we can do calls together. 
Take advantage of this time to ask me, an experienced coach, to help you finish your 2017 with confident success and feeling damn good about your efforts.  We might even get some hot ideas going for 2018!!
Plus, I would love to speak with you and share the tips, techniques and strategies that have created immediate success for my clients and audiences, faster than they ever thought possible. 

To Your Success,

P.S.  Go to the FREE coaching link with me and book your time.  There are only a few slots open so go find a spot for you right now.  This ends soon, so take advantage.  If you have any doubts about the value of coaching, go visit my website coaching testimonial page and see the comments about the life changing results people have produced. 

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