These last weeks on this earth of ours have presented huge challenges.  Being preoccupied with important issues like shelter, safety, food, clothing is probably where thousands of us needed to be. 
And yet the next morning comes and we are expected to get up; get going; get our strategies in place and produce some successful results.
Sometimes life is just preoccupation and irritation.  
“Natalie, I need to get my act together and get into action.”
Of course I have coached that for my entire career, but what if you need some space to think and just feel what you are feeling?
Can you relax and just say “forget it”?
I am encouraging my clients to write up their big list of how fabulous they are and then read it each day as they figure new ways to take action and up level to the next place that creates success for them.
What if you wrote up the following list about yourself?  A list of your talents and strengths: 

  • Big heart
  • Never give up
  • Generous
  • Smart
  • Get things done
  • Love your family
  • On time, under budget, team player 

I asked a client how long she thought her list would be?  One page?  6 pages? 
She developed, in her journal, 8 pages of talents and strengths – things she was proud of…and was delighted to have the list.  Evidence of a terrific person.
My point is that you are terrific and remarkable people.
Being preoccupied and irritated for a bit is not the end of the world.  Nor will you continue to feel that way forever.
Move from the negative into the positive…slowly.  Relax, if you can find that muscle.  Take deep breaths.  Write a check to someone who needs to recover from disasters.  Hug your cat…or at least your dog. 
I have found myself standing at my kitchen door looking out the window into my fading summer garden thinking of all the hours of joy I had out there.  Standing at the window has slowed me down and allowed me to observe the new birds at the bird bath; where I am going to move the sweet basil to next spring and construct, in my head, a wood holding box for my outdoor fire pit.
The window keeps beckoning me back and I stand for minutes at a time thinking and breathing easily. 
We can shift our moments from irritation and being preoccupied with the negative to easy moments.
And we deserve to.

To Your Success,

P.S.  Love the book “A Grateful Heart” from our Best Reads on the website.  If you are having a challenging time relaxing because of all the world’s issues, this book will help.  It takes you through so many practices and thoughts of finding the good in the difficult and helping you to be able to find gratitude now. 

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