Interesting ImageThis is going to be a bit of rant and a whole lot of how to.
Seriously people, return the text, email, phone call, letter, hand written note… however people are communicating with you, return the communication.
You are NOT more busy than anyone else.  Really you are not.
It may feel you are busier because: 

  • Interesting ImageYou are working on your time management skills and don’t have them fully honed yet
  • They gave you a plaque cause you have been there for more than 2 years and don’t need to be all that vigilant anymore
  • Just because you have a door and a manager title does not mean you can ignore communicating well – in fact, you should be the Guru of communicating
  • Your technology seems internment and is really annoying and it just depresses you so you can communicate the way you would like 

There are only about 6+ jobs in the world where you do not have to communicate.  Yours is not one of them.
Interesting imageIf you are in relationship with any human, you need to communicate with them often, well, fully and with some degree of accuracy.
Geeezzz even your dog needs your communication.
Stop whining and feeling special and COMMUNICATE.  You do have time to communicate well. 
That means, in a timely way, and with the information clearly thought through and verified, you get back to the person who needs that information.
My VIP client schedule and speaking schedule is flat out filled to the brim for the next 10 days – something every day including weekends. 
If I did not know the details and the needs of my clients and venues, I would be producing heartburn at an amazing rate for me…but for the people relying on me, not communicating well would deliver a subtle doubt of what I can deliver to them and for them.
interesting imageAin’t having any of that.
The time to start communicating well was yesterday. 
To Your Success,

P.S.  This might be the perfect time for you to take the Listening Test and to have your peers, subordinates, organization take the listening test.  Good communication starts with good listening.  You might want to see how your listening skills add up. Click here

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