Oh my, it has been a long week for so many.  Houston and all the surrounding areas, your bravery is amazing. 
Those of us that could only watch the unfolding of your dramatic life changing story, we were worried, scared, admiring, yet we were dry. 
As I write this, you have received 52 inches of water in less than a week.  It is an all-time record, which I am sure you did not want to hold that rainfall record. 
The public radio station, NPR, said it was like 3.5 Mississippi rivers dumped their water on you.  Those of us not there still can’t get our heads around those stats. 
I want to share with you the story of my best friend, my whole life friend, who stayed in her Houston area home throughout the entire ordeal.
My friend, I call her Medley, lived with all the sounds, crashing, splashing, leaking, street flooding, loss of electricity and scary “self induced” thoughts of “what if”.  She and her kitty did 5+ tornado alerts during the ordeal. 
This part makes me actually smile because I can see Medley taking care of her kitty, wrapping her up and tucking her into the safest place in their tiny alert shelter inside her house.
But you know, there was nothing funny about any of this.  The only thing I think all of the people in the Houston area had was hope…and sometimes during the slashing winds and driving rains, that was in short supply.
Medley’s son is a police officer and a great one at that.  He and his team were out for hours saving people…thank you Steve and your fellow officers.
You know what Medley did?  She cleaned out her freezer with the meat she had bought for her famous chili and made gallons of it for the officers to stop by her home for a bowl while out doing very wet and dangerous duty.  Before this is all over, I bet she starts putting it into containers and sending out to neighbors and people in need.
She went from being afraid to creating hope.  I love you Medley…you continue to inspire me every day.  Thank you for being my BFF. 
Cooking in her kitchen and taking action – moving out of her fear into her “fabulous and famous” chili making gave her the initial actions to take back her brave self.
It is not over.
There are trillions of gallons of water in and around Houston with so much rescue and recovery still happening. 
Please don’t lose hope.  Do whatever it is that you need to do that will keep you hopeful.  We are watching and waiting, ready to help.
Ask.  For heaven sakes, ask.  You do not have to do this alone. 
To Your Success,

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