You now know what is working based on my blog and sharing stories of clients just like you. You know there are things you are doing well and effectively.
You also have a really good idea of what is not working…reminding you with negative thoughts all day long.  But now you are using positive and frequent affirmations to remind yourself that there are really some great things working for you and your life.
Then you made a list of what you wanted to change.  My guidance to you was to pick only one action or habit to work on in making your changes. 
It could be time management; not getting up on time; not eating as many carbs; getting your notes done for your next project – picking one aspect to work on knowing that this one change will affect you positively in other areas.
Now you ask “What is next?”.
The questioning process is already working in your brain – asking questions; working on actionable steps; appreciating that which is working and shifting that which is not working.
When you choose the NEXT, be very careful to not overload yourself.
What is next? It is your opening to something new: 

  • A new car
  • Vacation in a different country
  • Exercises that stretch rather than making you want to throw up from exertion
  • Trying a dating service
  • Learning a new skill that will support the direction of your organization or team 

The NEXT can open you up to a level of energy and creativity that you did not know existed.  It is like viewing your life from a totally different perspective.
My Story:
I am proud to say that I have successfully run my consultancy for 31 years.  So many memories, but so much work.  I did not know how to really go on vacation.  I would get on a plane and when I got off I would have a new client.  I was always on.  I figured this is my life and I loved it. 
Then I read a story about a person that decided to really go on vacation to a place they had only thought about…never really considered going to that place.  Not only did they actually go, but they went to the same place every year for 20+ years.  It became like a second home, but not a second life.  There they relaxed, chatted, read, wrote, ate great food, walked and observed.  And you know what, that totally appealed to me.  I’ve traveled all over the world.  I did not need an exotic destination, but one that was simple, beautiful, not my culture or language with stupendous food.  I choose Cozumel Mexico. 
I am going again in December for my birthday.  The people, culture, food and “place” suits me perfectly.  My creativity leaped out of my mind and body when I rested allowing the sounds of the water and people to flow over me.
I listened to my next.
You don’t have to leave the country, but I would like you to leave your comfort zone.  To plan and think in a way that serves just you.  When you are full and refreshed all those around you benefit. 

  • You know what is working. You are smart, with it, clever, remarkable and deserving.  You are also starting to believe these adjectives are about you. 
  • You also know what is not working. Good lord, we all do. The list can be endless.  However, you are working on that one thing that will serve you best.
  • Change is hard, but you got it. There are some things needing to be changed.  They have been begging for a long time and now you are doing the changes to serve remarkable you. You know what, maybe your “what is next” is going to Cozumel in December. There is enough of that delightful tiny island for all of us. And maybe there is just that perfect “thing” that you know is your next.

Let me know how I can support your totally and perfectly wonderful next.

To Your Success,

P.S.  I have a couple of dates and times still open for this fall if you need and want a terrific keynote; speaker; presenter.  For all of you that have contacted me to speak, I am so pleased I could fill your requests.  Click here if you are interested in having me come to your organization; association or facility to speak.  Let’s create some mind bending successes together. 
P.P.S.  Let me direct you to the BEST READS page. You will find so many answers and support in the books recommended. These are brilliant people who decided to record their challenges and successes so we could learn and then skip the mistakes they made…learning from others is so much less painful. 

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