So what needs to change in your life?  No groaning.  Do you have a list so long that it overwhelms you…avoiding change is a something that all of us do well.
My last two blogs talked about “what is working” and “what is not working”.  I think the most important part of our day is acknowledging what is working.  We need to start our days  with self-motivation otherwise we get stuck in that endless negative loop of what is not working.
Take the time and write up a quick list of what you would like to change.  Don’t make it a two page list of the last 15 years of what you should have done, but have not.
The list is a gift.
What is it that you want to change?  Is it: 

  • Being on time
  • Waking up with the alarm
  • Eating well
  • Getting your reports in when promised
  • Exercising more…or at all
  • Learning to do some public speaking
  • Contributing time to your relationships

There are so many areas we can choose to change, but my coaching is CHOOSE ONLY ONE change and commit to it. 
The actions that we take in deciding to make a change will help us in all areas.  Intention and follow through are powerful actions to getting you to the successful outcomes that you want.
An Example: 
My client was chronically late for every meeting, party, invite, church, family function and dinner.  Not only was she late, but the complaints were piling up that she began to avoid any sort of invitation.  The lateness showed up on her yearly performance review, two years in a row which affected her merit increase drastically.  Not only did it affect her merit review, it also limited her professional growth because she could not be counted on to meet deadlines. 
The Action Steps:
In our coaching together, we looked at the “why” of lateness and discovered lots of examples of where she learned to be late.  However, this was her professional and personal life and it was now her choice to either choose to be on time or suffer the results of not being on time.
The ONE action step she committed to taking was to be 5 minutes early for every project, appointment and phone call.  This 5 minutes early was applied to her personal life and her professional life.  She also told her family, team and boss that she was now going to be 5 minutes early for every meeting, project and assignment.  Pretty much all of them did not believe her, but wished her luck. 
The Results:
The 5 minute early commitment took on strange behaviors the first couple of weeks…she was angry, disgusted with herself that she let this get so out of control and delighted in being early…5 minutes early.  She learned, adopted and committed to consistently, and with awareness, to being on time.  Her standard became 5 minutes early was on time.  That was 3 years ago and since that time her world has changed dramatically.
She was promoted.  Her merit increases were doubled.  She is sought out as an expert in her field.  Her marriage is really delicious.  She and her kids trust each other and romp together.  Even her mother-in-law is impressed. 
She said “It was the hardest change I have ever made in my life…and the best.”
You made your list of the things you think could change…what is the ONE change you are committed to making?
Let me know if I can help.

To Your Success,

P.S.  Here is a book that I know will support making the changes that will serve you and your world best. 

The Effective Executive” by Peter Drucker (short, but powerful) is worth the read. Get the soft cover so you can underline and mark the passages that speak to you…that help you and your team and your organization be more effective. Drucker emphasizes knowing yourself and your talents/strengths and using your skills to the fullest. He also is a stickler for using your time well.  Knowing where and when you are not being effective with your time.

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