The response from you all from my blog last week about “What Is Working?” was truly rewarding.  The most consistent comment was:
“Thanks for the reminder that so many things are really working well for me.”
As a coach, I point out the best of peoples’ talents…their strengths and what makes them tick into the place of creating success producing results.
BUT you need to find out what is not working so you can: 

  • Admit the negatives you are creating and believing
  • Find the places that stop you from being brave and smart
  • Uncover the ticks and pokes that have been with you way too long
  • Stop the stories you keep telling yourself that you have come to fully believe 

The moment you know something is not working and then choosing a different way…you have to ask
“What is not working?” 

What have you tolerated too long?
My experience in coaching people just like you, is that finding the negative is the most powerful place you can be.  Once you know the negative and what is NOT working, you have a choice.  You can decide what else would work.
Dreams get uncovered.  People are forgiven.  Lessons are learned.  Situations are examined and removed.  New stories are developed that serve you and support your amazing human…you.
When I assign the “homework” of putting together the full list of “what is not working”, most of my new clients groan. 
Not only do they have to compile this list, they then have to share it with me.  Double wham for writing and then sharing. 
Taking the time to compile your “not working list” will create the largest and most rewarding shifts in your personal and professional lives.
You can clearly see what you have created and what you are tolerating.
Then you get to decide what you want to change.  You get to be in a powerful decision making position of what you want in place to begin the changes; shifts; movement; thinking; learning; new strategies; valued moments. 
All you.  All now.  All yours.  Always.
My first list was hard because I thought what I loser I was.  It was then pointed out to me by my brilliant coach that now that I knew the issues, I could choose my life.  It was breathtaking to be in the powerful place of choosing and deciding my life…with love and support.
Maybe you would like help with your list.  It would be my honor to support these next steps and you.
To Your Success,

P.S.  My speaking and training schedule for the balance of the year is filling fast.  The tips, techniques and strategies to up leveling your leadership, communication and behavioral performance is powerful. Just a reminder that I still have some dates open for you and your team/organization/association and would LOVE to spend time with you. Book your event.
P.P.S.  I’ve not pointed out in some time the link for NMA’s Best Reads. These are books, some classics, that I recommend over and over again because they support, work, guide and help you become the more remarkable and smarter part of you.  Enjoy the Best Reads – my gift to you. 

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