You bombed.  It did not go well.  You feel awful.  You are sure someone is going to come up to you and tell you what an awful project; speech; proposal you did.
Now, that this not confidence.
But sometimes we think the opposite of what is true to keep confidence out of our reach.
Why would we do that?
This is not a psychology lesson, but truthfully most of the horrible, confidence busting messages we got are from our childhood.  Why we retained the messages is a deeper conversation, but trust me, these negative comments have followed you your entire life.
You have a choice in shifting from negative to positive which equates to choosing confident behavior and performance when you need it!!
What would your life look like it you were easily confident whenever you wanted…maybe being confident because that is who you want to be…a confident person.
Is it possible?
Can it happen, this confident, talented, successful wandering around in your life as you?
You bet it can and is possible immediately.
The work you need to participate in right now is becoming super aware of your habits of thinking and feeling negativity.
It can be as simple as when you don’t feel particularly proud of something you did.  What can come slipping out of your mouth is “I am so dumb”.  “How could I do that stupid thing again?”  “Are you ever going to get this dumb one?”
The question is why would you do that and say that?  The negativity is unpleasant, untrue and unneeded.  Sure you did not complete something as well as you would have liked, but to add the insult of criticizing yourself does not serve you.  It certainly does not inspire, motivate or support.  In fact, that person, YOU, who is so critical is incorrect, with the negative thoughts and self talk. 
Affirmations work.  CDs played while you sleep work.  Downloads of inspiring speeches work.  Prayer works.  Hanging around positive people works to inspire us.
My question is what is keeping you from being proactive about supporting this talented, terrific person – you?
Although I discourage post it notes cause they can take over your space, start with one positive affirmation posted on your monitor.

“Hey there hot stuff, you are so good at what you do
and I want you to know that!!”

Here is a link to 35 inspiring affirmations that I am printing for my bulletin board (courtesy of Dr. Carmen Harra).  I hope you enjoy them.  Choose one and repeat it often.  Our brain works from early mindsets and beliefs.  When we supply our brains with good stuff to think instead of habitual negative thoughts, we begin to change how the world occurs for us. Things get better!
Just start with the one that really appeals to you and feels just right for you.  Repeat it often; write it down; put it in your device calendar to remind you to repeat it over and over. This is powerful and you deserve to feel and be the confident talented person that you are.  In no time at all, you will be adding more affirmations because they work and you are feeling and doing better. 
My first affirmation was “I am enough”.  It helped me turn my life into a successful, joy filled amazing journey working with and coaching success producing high performers willing to take the first steps to CONFIDENTLY shift and change their lives. 
To Your Success,

P.S.  One of the best ways to begin your confident success building journey is to take our behavioral assessment.  Right there on paper (or screen) you will see who you are today…talented and powerful with the ability to shift whatever it is that needs to be done. EMAIL me and let’s do the NMA Leadership, Communication and Behavioral Assessment together.  You will find out how interesting you are and what high value you bring to this life of yours and those around you. Click here.
“Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.”

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