Well, here we go again.  Too many meetings without a real reason, beginning or a graceful end.
Everyone I am coaching and speaking with in my audiences is tired of the endless, hopelessly useless meetings they have to attend.
One of my CEO complains mightily about the meetings she has to attend daily, weekly, monthly…ALL THE TIME.
Well, I am giving you permission to skip some meetings and to create meetings that work; accomplish something that does not make your brain feel like lead.
My suggestion is that you take a good look at your weekly calendar and decide you can eliminate 3 meetings this week.  In fact, I challenge you to do just that. 
If the meeting is a project you are working on, find out the reason for the meeting.  Is it an update; providing new info; assigning new duties?  What is the point of the project meeting?
If it does not need to involve you, don’t go.
“Natalie, how will I know what happened at the meeting?”
Ask someone for their notes.
How about when you are calling a meeting or setting one up?
Have  you provided: 

  • An agenda
  • Outcomes to be discussed and accomplished
  • A list of who will be attending
  • Start and stop time
  • Asked for agenda items 

Here is the number one meeting help that will keep you from attending
endless meetings with little value.
If it does not provide an agenda, don’t go.  OR, request an agenda.  You can easily do that.
Just ask:  “What is it you would like me to prepare for this meeting and may I have an agenda of the items to be covered and discussed?”
Make it a rule in your facility; team, organization; project review that no meeting will take place without an agenda.  See, some rules are good!
One more item you might want to add to your meeting preparation and running of the meetings.  At the end, go around the table (virtual or otherwise) and ask everyone the value of the time spent in the meeting. 
Once everyone knows that value will be solicited, then value will have to be provided.
You owe me a big thank you.  If you follow my suggestions, you will have 30% fewer meetings and 50% more valuable and interesting meetings.

To Your Success,

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