“Ok, today is the day and now is the time.  I am so wondering why the hell I said I would speak to this group.” 
“What do I know that they don’t know?  What possible value could I provide?  Everyone that is waiting to hear me speak knows so much more than I do.  They have to….”

  • “Are you supposed to be this terrified?”


  • “Is everyone going to see my notes shake as I hold them?”


  • “Why are my hands so wet?”


  • “And there has not been any spit in my mouth for an hour?” 


  • “So glad the bathroom is close by cause it feels like I need it right now………”

The current stats on the terror and nerves associated with speaking as public speaking and presenting is that:


47% of the population is more afraid
of public speaking than death.



So it is no wonder you feel nervous when you know you will be opening your mouth to share content.  In fact, every time you open your mouth, it is public speaking.
How are you doing with your presentations and speaking?
The biggest crowd I have ever addressed was 14,000 people and I can tell you I was lost in a fog of fear, wanting to hide and true pride when it went well. 
It required a lot of prep and knowing my audience and topic to be able to present easily and with confidence to that large an audience. 
Do you know that the principles of speaking and addressing groups is pretty much the same for small groups as it is for large groups?
We have nervous anticipation whether it is a: 

  • Weekly staff meeting
  • The annual stockholders meeting
  • Presenting to the executive board
  • The church parish council
  • A classroom with expectant students 

The standard that we want to meet for the audience to make it interesting, memorable and not falling over at the same.  
I will be offering a speaking intensive this fall in Nashville for those of you who are interested in raising your credibility and brand; reducing your terror; sharing your professional knowledge; up leveling your reputation and increasing your CONFIDENCE with communication, anytime, anywhere.  I will be inviting a very small group of people to join me – those interested in having a caring atmosphere in which to learn and practice your skills; skill enhancement and confident joy in rocking “public speaking” with classy and content rich information.  (if you are interested in being invited, send me a private email so I know. This will fill fast. I have not offered this course in some years.)
So Natalie, what is the first step in increasing my confidence with speaking?
Define the characteristics you want to demonstrate to those hearing your words.  Make a list of what you admire in other speakers and then begin to find those characteristics you want for yourself.
As you begin to demo these characteristics, your poise, confidence, listenability and influence will become part of your value offerings.  It will feel right and you will spend so much more time feeling and being confident.
Go ahead and make your list. 
Would love to have your questions.  October in Nashville is totally fun.  More info to come.
To Your Success,

P.S.  One of the best books on speaking with lots of details, case studies, REAL examples is Suzanne Bates “Speak Like A CEO”.  I have other resources I will be sharing over the next weeks which will help you gain grace, powerful influence and courage with your presentation skills – communication, leadership and behavioral performance. Click here.
P.P.S.  Send me a private email if you want to be invited in October.  Dates coming soon. Click here.

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