It was a Monday all over the place.  You know, sad the weekend is over, really wondering if you can get all your “stuff” done that you planned for the week and calls you have that were reset because of busy schedules.
And you know that someone needs your help, but is not going to ask cause they know how busy you are…
But they really need your help.
And they really need to learn to ask for help, when they need it.
I wrote to my afternoon phone calls and appointments to say that I would probably not be able to make our appointed times together because I have a situation that looked like it was going to need me to be elsewhere. 

Each one of those lovely people texted and wrote back that it was not an issue; we would find another time to connect; good luck with the issues that I was concerned about.
Then I did cancel everything.
And I gathered my phone, some tea, my water jug, my purse and set off for my daughter’s house to help.
My daughter is an Army veteran and was deployed to Iraq as an officer and leader of a platoon of medical doctors and medics.
She also worked as an amazing full time coach and consultant with NMA for 6 years (promoted to VP of Operations) before moving on to another key position as her husband earned his PhD in PharmD. 
I’ve seen her break down her M16 weapon and organize hefty trade show logistics. 
She is a doer, decision maker and a strong communicator in all situations.
But today, her baby boy, my 19 month old grand boy, was not eating, hurting and basically no one had had any sleep for a long couple of days. 
So, I told her I was coming over to her home and I did.
Watch out when a determined mommie and grand mommie enter into a non-working issue with her two babies.
Everyone ate.  Everyone slept.  Everyone got to the emergency doctor’s appointment.
My beloved daughter told me that she needs to learn to ask for help when she needs help. 
I told her that the reason I would drop everything to come, easily and without missing a single beat, is that she is my baby. 
I think she finally got it.
So if you have someone in your life that needs you, it is your mission to convince them that it is truly ok to ask for help. 
Oh, and if you need help, ask. 
It feels good to get help and for the one helping, it feels great to be able to contribute. 
To Your Success,

P.S.  Thank you for letting me share this personal story with you.  The grand baby is good (thank you for asking).  He had a severe ear infection. His loving mommie got him good medication and learned a wonderful lesson about who loves her. 

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