So many people are being poops.
So many challenges to get them to change!
Let me give you the overview of the discussions I have been having with my clients and prospects:
You are dealing with a boss’s boss who is a poop.  And seems to have lots of power. They are certainly a reactor and so very hard to have a conversation with…they don’t listen, at all.
You are professional, knowledgeable and lead a great team that is totally tired of having to deal with the poop people. 
No matter how hard you have tried, and you have, you cannot get them – those other people – to change.  

  • No listening
  • Ballistic with any suggestion of new ideas
  • Quote policy every time
  • Treat you like a baby
  • Show little or no respect 

And you think you will change them?  Not today. 
But if you are sick and tired of not being able to change them, then change you.
You are smart, right?
You have some really great ideas, right?
You have a terrific reputation within the organization, right?
Then move from reacting to the poop people and respond in your value set.
Next meeting or conversation, decide the outcome you want; write down 2-3 examples of the value being brought; compliment the others saying you know they want new info and are committed to successful outcomes.
Show respect.  Remove the tone from your voice.  Create rapport. 
Now, it may not work to get you exactly what you want, but you will no longer be out of rapport with yourself. 
When we work in our values, we are stronger and have more confidence.
Stop reacting to the poop people.
Starting responding to what you consider important and pursue that…totally in rapport. 
Know what, I can show you how. Let’s get you back on track to your confident, success producing self.
To Your Success,

P.S.  If you have not taken the listening test, do it!! You will love the information and feedback you get. Whoa – and you might even improve your listening. Click here.

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