Thousands of people have taken the NMA listening test and found deep value to add to their communication skills tool box.  Here is the link in case you have not yet taken the test. 
What has been the value they have learned from taking the test? 

  • That they don’t listen well to others
  • That their listening is selective to who is
    doing the speaking
  • Anyone with rank – like a boss – gets more
    attentive listening from them
  • Gender keeps people from listening especially
    to women
  • Race and age has much to do with how they
    judge the listener
  • They rarely have great eye contact because of
    their attention to their device
  • People INTERRUPT way too often
  • And oh so many more non listening behaviors 

If you have any of these communication non listening behaviors, you are not getting all the information you need…and you are annoying the people who need you to listen to them.
Before we had our 24/7 use of our devices sitting not more than 24 inches from our hands, the biggest complaint with communicating around listening was lack of eye contact and stopping what you were doing to really listen to the other person.
Now the issue with listening –  and the complaints – is never taking your eyes off your device and texting while in a conversation.
Sort of makes you wonder how things get done accurately if we are not listening in the initial conversations.  And my experience is, projects are not getting done accurately and communication is suffering all of the time.
It is truly simple: 

  • Put your device away
  • If in a meeting, shut it off
  • Having lunch with a prospect, take it off the table
  • Hide it; turn it off; do not put it on vibrate; put it away

Unless you are waiting for an emergency call, you can easily take the time to not have your device be your sole point of attention.
I know, you have lots of reasons you can’t do this. 
And I have lots of results producing, skill enhancing, communication skills building reasons for suggesting you do this. 
One of the top reasons for putting your devices away?  It is polite.  It makes people feel important.  People enjoy being listened to and feel valued with the experience.  It creates a trusting rapport with people.  YOU GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED the first time around, without being preoccupied.
To Your Success,

P.S.  I have a 4 week listening teleclass that creates immediate results and shifts your listening and communication skills from average to excellentEmail me if you are interested in providing it for your team or organization.  
P.P.S.  If you have not taken the listening test, do yourself and the people you work and live with a favor.  It is just all good when you know how well you are listening (or not). Click here.

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