Ok, what should (could) I have done or said…differently?
It is an opportunity to ask the question when the results producing situation turns to muck too often.
Clear, consistent, success producing communication takes practice especially if you are dealing with your lack of confidence.
Your family of origin usually does some damage in how we operate in the world – we learn from our families and many times it does not serve us well. 
We have trouble with relationships and conversations because the first people to demonstrate relationships and communication to use might have been: 

  • Terrible at it
  • Yellers
  • Always threatening divorce
  • Mad at the rest of the family
  • Seeming to be mad at us
  • Not there when we needed them the most

So much good can come from our original role models and so much confusion too.
Senior executives to all levels of leadership and business can be constrained by what they learned as a child that is not serving them now.
My guidance language to my clients is the following:
“Learn what you learned, so you can unlearn what you learned so you can learn what you want and need to learn.”
No matter how terrific our family of origin is, we can begin to find out what we learned that served us well…and that which we need to unlearn.
There is a gigantic opportunity to take on that which is yours now…not the residue of that which never worked and has kept you from being confident and successful.
So what is it that you need to learn that you need to unlearn?  I would love to help you find your confident and brilliant center. 
In case you have not gotten to that core of you, there is a tremendously talented and strong human right there for you…YOU. 

To your success,

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